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Nike Cr7 1Irving averaged 27.1 points and shot 40.5 percent from 3 point range for the series. He scored 90 points over the Cavs' last three games. He obviously outplayed his counterpart two time reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry (who averaged 22.6 points and committed 30 turnovers to Irving's 18). He reminded the board about the Rural Alliance reception that would be held October 12th in Brush. He also referred to recent work on the Measures of Student Learning component in the teacher evaluation tool. The Pledge of Allegiance was then said by all present.. Reebok PumpThe pump was the first of its kind when it released in 1989. The cushion of the shoe would inflate when the on the tongue was pressed, providing comfort and maybe, some advantage? Dominique Wilkins first wore the pumps, but they gained wider notoriety when Dee Brown wore them during the 1991 NBA All Star Dunk Competition. Before making his winning dunk, Brown paused to dramatically pump his shoes. "When I saw Jermaine [this season], I felt like I didn't even belong in the same room as him," Artest said. "I felt like a coward. I don't like feeling like a coward, and I feel like a coward. Of course, for a lot of women (for example, those at the mercy of the Cannes Film Festival fashion police), it TMs hard to avoid heels altogether. And then there are those who don TMt mind suffering for the sake of fashion. So here TMs how to keep the shoes while minimizing the damage.. "He decided he wanted to do the show and pursue her. His attitude was, you only have one life. But he weighed the decision seriously," our source says. Spider was hit with a $50,000 fine from the organization, but it not the actual dollar figure that truly matters what matters most is that the UFC sent a message by putting a dollar amount on not doing what is expected of you, and dinged the most successful fighter in the company history.In the past, your place in the rankings or level of popularity dictated what kind of punishment (if any) you faced when you stepped out of line. Lower level fighters were cut for positive tests, and inappropriate comments could land you on the unemployment line as well, but fighters higher up in the pecking order received less serious consequences.While it impossible to say whether or not that has changed completely at this point, the fact that the longest reigning champion in UFC history got hit with a relatively large fine for ditching a day of media obligations should let everyone know that the company isn playing around.This is something the UFC has needed to do for a while.Don get all salty when I say this, but real sports organizations hold the athletes that represent them accountable for their actions, on and off the field, and they do so unilaterally. It doesn matter if you a Pro Bowl player or the 53rd man on the Cleveland Browns roster you screw up, you getting hit with whatever penalty accompanies your transgression.Now the UFC is starting to do the same, and it another step towards reaching its full potential as an organization.We wanted the UFC to go from 14 to 21 without enduring the growing pains that come with those formative teenage years.

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