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Nike High Tops Under 50 DollarsWe've done this at Bulu Box. Inevitably, you have to let that person go, and it hurts. It hurts the person you hired, the team, sometimes the customers, and it's hurt me.I've learned to be brutally honest about jobs and expectations so much so that it scares some people out of the hiring process. Especially the city goddess, Athena.00:00:24:21View of a small, square temple on the edge of the Acropolis.00:00:30:16NARRATOR 1:There, the tiny and elegant temple of Athena Nike Athena as Victory.00:00:35:07View of a larger, half ruined temple.00:00:35:07NARRATOR 1:Over there, the Erechtheion, the temple that held the most sacred olive wood statue of Athena.00:00:41:16View of the Parthenon.00:00:43:12NARRATOR 1:And facing it, the Parthenon, the temple of Athena Parthenos, built at the highest point of the rock to house the great 40ft high gold and ivory cult image of the goddess herself.00:00:54:04Shot of a marble statue of Athena, wearing an elaborate helmet and holding a smaller statue in one hand.00:00:55:08NARRATOR 1:And as you can see from this small and feeble copy copies are all we now have Athena was represented as a warrior, with shield and helmet and another figure of Victory in her outstretched hand. Yet, to the people of Athens, she was more than goddess of war or even of crafts and wisdom. Athena was the guide and defender of all their fortunes.00:01:18:10Footage from a more recent documentary shows the modern day Acropolis thronged with tourists.00:01:23:14NARRATOR 2:Athens' enduring reputation as the cradle of democratic government still draws people today.00:01:29:17Shots of tourists wandering the Acropolis and climbing the steps to the Parthenon.00:01:36:09NARRATOR 2:The star attraction is the Parthenon, which was both a temple and a treasury for the city's money. The Lewisdale University Park baseball team won its fifth game of the season, 12 4 against Lanham. Lanham got three of its four runs in the first inning before LUP took control. Joe Porter and Nate Dangle each had two hits, and Robbie Seiler, Tyler Morrison, Alexander Lesiw and Jake Ewing each had doubles. BONO, AR (KAIT) The Northeast Arkansas Humane Society demanded answers Tuesday after learning multiple animals were found dead and dumped into a ditch outside of Bono.The animals were found in a ditch at a bridge on County Road 328.Margaret Shephard, NEA Humane Society Director, said she discovered three dogs, and possible remains of a fourth.She also located two deer shot and dumped, and said the deer were likely poached."They are dumping people's pets here. I mean, this is just horrible," Shephard said. "We need to find out who is doing this.

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