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Nike Lebron Easter T-shirtThe GERG effect [ed: bump.] I hope this kind of analysis hasn't been done already; if so, my apologies. I was wondering, in light of Brian's analysis of the defense, if we could quantify the effect of having Mattison rather than GERG as our defensive coordinator. One is Miami, the school that has courted James' affection since he signed with the Heat last summer. The Japanese can probably be partially forgiven for this considering that, as a largely homogenous society, they don't exactly have a vibrant black community to run the cartoons past, just in case they turned out to be, you know, incredibly racist. But still, the extent of their research into what black people look like seems to have been white power pamphlets, Al Jolson performances, and Amos 'n' Andy. Aaand here we see the goofy black caricatures being chastised by more enlightened white people:. He always loved the movies and would pop a big brown paper bag of popcorn with lots of butter and all of us would go to the drive in movie for two or three shows at a time. Willis always played games with the kids while they were growing up; they would sit around the table and play Canasta and tell scary stories all night long. By trade he was a sheet metal mechanic. Yet, these are 17 year old kids who are attempting to make decisions. I would think that to make a good decision, they must explore their options and really want to be here (or wherever) when they commit. I don completely get why they want to look around after a verbal, if they were serious about the school, but this is a decision which will impact their whole life. Travel Association. Wyndham Hotel Group has made two new executive hires. Clyde Guinn is the new president of Wyndham's Days Inn chain, and Martin Armistead has been hired as senior vice president of development for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. He takes over for Bill Patterson, who resigned after two years . A top candidate will be Riley Dodge, who joined the Marcus staff of Gerry Stanford last spring as receivers coach and worked under Martinez . Bishop Lynch named Chuck Faucette as head coach. And here's the thing: it's actually a well documented fact that effective marginal rates are highest, not on the superrich, but on workers toward the lower end of the scale. Why? Partly because of the payroll tax, but largely because of means tested benefits that fade out as your income rises. Here's a recent discussion by Eugene Steuerle (pdf), with this figure included:.

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