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The majority of contributors are anglophone, white men from North America which skews not only the content of the articles, but also which articles get written at all.”When you have a group missing from creating articles, you also have a large subject area that missing,” Berson explained. She hopes to create a best practices manual for feminist editing on the site.”It would look at what is the difference between saying, for example, Lovelace was the world first female computer programmer and Lovelace was the first computer programmer because that what she was!”Pulling back the curtainBerson isn aiming to train a certain number of people, but hopes people will get involved. “Except that instead of working in your own office, everybody can see what you doing.”Berson said that when her time as Wikipedian in residence isover, she hopes more people will be willing to engage with the platform in a meaningful way.”I want to see that when I leave, people are using it without me being there,” she said.”Engaging in content creation and modification and thinking about Wikipedia in the classroom as a tool for learning, and working with feminist principles.”..

Lipke and Greenberg are now good friends, and Greenberg has a busy second career as a storyteller at schools, libraries, and museums. “And this year, it’s funny. I’m sitting in Barbara’s chair,” she said. Recent research in African elephant vocalizations has shown that there is evidence for acoustic differences in the rumbles of females based on the phase of their estrous cycle (1). One reason for these differences might be to attract a male for reproductive purposes. Since rumbles have a fundamental frequency near 10Hz, they attenuate slowly and can be heard over a distance of several kilometers.

Their left back Ivan Strinic was falling apart, and in attack Raheem Sterling felt just one clean strike on goal from football immortality. Dejan Lovren benefited from the early leniency of Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir in a period of the game when the Liverpool defender was committing fouls he felt he had no option but to make. He shoved Kane and kicked Sterling in the space of six minutes but did not get the the yellow card that would have made him vulnerable..

Preparing the VegetablesUsing my Cuisinart Ceramic Knives, I chop and slice all vegetables. Since it is an optional recipe, you can add or subtract whichever vegetables you like. For instance, I think a red onion is strong, and sometimes I leave it out.

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You might want to start drinking tea with the Cramp Bark a few days before your period begins for best results. You can add the Cramp Bark to cinnamon tea, ginger tea or any other hot tea you enjoy! It also comes in capsules you can take, but I always used the drops. As a message of hope and encouragement.

Located inside a historic hotel, this restaurant is filled with lovely antique furniture and a palpable nostalgic atmosphere. Giant fireplace, vintage chandeliers, and a dusty old piano add to the charm. Their home cooked style dishes are so delicious and so fresh you can practically taste the Provence sun on the heirloom tomatoes in the salad! Basil olive oil (a staple of the southern France region) is used deliberately, adding a unique earthy flavor to many dishes.

Jenny Santos, 29, of Kearny, plunged from the C1 level escalator early Saturday morning as she was grabbing her twin sister’s hat, sources told NJ Advance Media. Santos was brought to Bellevue Hospital where she was pronounced dead.”I’m not confirming anything, ” he said. “All I’m saying is it’s still under investigation.”The $4 billion transportation hub opened last year.

In the deep, dark hallways of Madison Square Garden, Phil Jackson and his crew deliberate over who they should draft. Yet, they need to identify what they are looking for before they decide who they will draft. Even before they rank their favorite players and over evaluate new analytics, team need should be primary..

Most flowers are white or shades of pale yellow. Flower throats are crimson to deep maroon. Cultivars such as ‘Red Burgundy,’ ‘Jing Orange’ and ‘Little Lucy’ are particularly striking due to their colorful fruits and stems.. I stopped watching the show after the last shameful incident at the hotel with the hooker. And after, the network goes and gives him a big fat raise. He’s not even funny anymore.

Requests must be written; no phone calls, please. Also, please note that inquiries should no longer be sent to the Sun Sentinel’s Delray Beach office; send your questions to Sun Sentinel, 200 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301; attention: Musical Memories..

Through vision, pursuit and American ingenuity, we have become a brand synonymous with the athlete. Like all athletes we work with an intense spirit of competition, but unlike the others, we refuse to stop there. From the planning stages to the production floor, everything we do revolves around synthesizing creativity, experience and sheer will power. For us, engineering the fastest, most advanced performance products is more than just a goal, it’s a requirement. At TYR, we’re always in front. Read more.

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The bounty hunter system keeps you on your toes and prevents you from being a huge asshole, killing and looting everything. The plot is decent, famous historical cameos handled better than you think they be, lots of revenge and back stabbing, and some purposely silly sections (all the Minotaur stuff is done pretty well). It not Tolkien level of world building but it just really fun..

Drowning In DebtSo many Americans are doing just that. Their spending and debt habits are so high they are literally in over their heads, drowning. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This week I going to do something I haven done in a long time in this blog and talk about a guest star. In the past I have done posts on: Metallica, George Carlin and last year I did one on all 3 surviving Beatles at the time, in their various guest starring appearances. Some of them have significant rolls in how The Simpsons has evolved, with Paul McCartney only willing to do it, if Lisa becomes and stays a vegetarian.

He knows what he doing. And he knows when it time to concentrate on basketball. He has such a respect and love of the game that he knows when it time. For Bobby Bonilla, Jim Leyland made all the difference. With several teams interested in him, Bonilla decided on the Florida Marlins because he wanted to play for Leyland, the new Marlins manager. “I got my start with Jim Leyland.

Jarrett Hall and Douper HallThese are new, self catering and en suite halls located in the Selly Oak area, the place where most of the students who live off campus base themselves. Lots of pubs are nearby, as is the university, and the halls are in a good state of repair. They are also all very expensive though of very good quality..

“Your client Shaker AAmer, detainee ISN 239, was recently discovered to be wearing UnderArmor briefs and a Speedo bathing suit. Neither item was issued to the detainee by JTF Guantanamo personnel, nor did they enter the camp through regular mail,” the staff judge advocate said. “[W]e would like to know whether the contraband material, or any portion thereof, was provided by you, anyone else on your legal team.”RELATED: Happy Hour Vid: Ann Coulter Demands a Heterosexual New York TimesBut Stafford Smith smuggling it would be impossible for reasons that would apply today.

23 center back length (approximately). Two way zip front closure. Snap storm placket. Virtually Seamless toe is designed for all day comfort and to minimize chaffing. Shred Shield reduces wear and tear on the toes for added durability. 49% wool, 47% nylon, 4% elastane.

injuries are hurting some of the nba’s most exciting young teams

METHODOLOGY This ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by telephone Jan. 12 15, 2010, among a random national sample of 1,083 adults, including landline and cell phone only respondents, with an oversample of African Americans (weighted to their correct share of the population) for a total of 153 black respondents. Results for the full sample have a 3.5 point error margin.

It also looks like season over for Hayden Tefler, who sustained a knee injury, while Harrison Hampshire may miss a week or two with a groin injury. The Tigers will also be without promising youngster Toby Oakley who, as a 16 year old, cannot play two senior matches in a row. But among their seven inclusions are ruckman Ben Malcolm, Daniel Falcone and Matt Kelly, who return from injury, while Rebels pair Tylar Watts and Keegan Gray are also back.

I believe that having myriad hobbies makes one a better person and it keeps one’s mind alert into old age. I also love perfume whether it is designer perfumes or perfume oils.My motto is education, self actualization, an appreciation of beauty and the finer things of life. I strongly believe that children should be exposed to cultural activities and the arts from an early age.

You can hire the experts for this job to obtain guaranteed results. Everyone wishes to decorate their house with the best design, interior and decoration. Your home must be stylish and beautiful, but you may like to add more and bring outstanding beauty to your living space.

The threatening, demoralizing building remains. Uninhabited. Hauntingly empty. “It’s a pretty serious thing we’re looking at . The Puerto Rico trench can generate very large and powerful earthquakes,” Ballard told The Associated Press in a phone interview from Connecticut. Virgin Islands, Dominica and Montserrat all of which have had there fair share of seismic activity and rising sea levels in recent months..

Few products are so iconic that their design remains largely unchanged after more than 20 years. Such is the case with the ThinkPad line of laptops, which challenged the dominance of Apple and Compaq in the personal computing industry during the early 1990s by introducing features that were considered to be innovative at the time. (It also part of the permanent collection at New York City MoMA.) One of the earliest in the line, the ThinkPad 700C, came with a 10.4 inch color touch screen, larger than displays offered by other competing products.

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This slick, gorgeous looking new co production of The Pirates of Penzance between Scottish Opera and The D Carte Opera Company is in a different league to anything an amateur company could produce. As a result they have had to work harder on those little details that generate the laughs and certainly director Martin Lloyd Evans has gleefully exploited every opportunity. His puckish approach was echoed in designer Jamie Vartan simple, angular set and Pythonesque visual jokes..

An American Christian pastor being tried in Iran for his religious beliefs was out of his own trial Tuesday, a religious group said. The attorney for Saeed Abedini also was kept from appearing in the Iranian court, said the American Center for Law and Justice. Abedini, who was born in Iran and now lives in Idaho, has been jailed since September, the group said..

Moisture wicking face foam around edges. Silicone ribbed strap stays secure as you ride. One year manufacturer warranty. After stopping for directions, the country singers discovered they drove the wrong way giving first place to Dave Connor, who won a trip for two from Travelocity to Fiji along with a spot in the final three. Dave now turned his focus to becoming the oldest racer ever to win, a potentially remarkable achievement after tearing his Achilles tendon one year earlier. Arriving at Peckforton Castle in second place, Caroline Jennifer officially secured their spot in the final three and now visualized winning the Race in the next leg, which would be their first leg win ever..

The Tigers began their game breaking run when Mortimer sank the second of two free throws with 29.7 seconds left in the first period. Jim laid a left handed shot off the glass to open the second period, Mortimore put in a layup assisted by Lowe, then Mortimer fed Lowe for a baseline jumper to extend the lead to 14 6. Mortimer scored on a follow shot and McCullough scored off an assist from Lowe to make it 18 6 with 5:10 left in the second quarter..

Two kinds of people arrive at Baghdad International Airport. One group walks out of the terminal and is met by bull necked men wearing body armor, fingerless gloves, Oakley sunglasses and extremely cool guns. These are personal security specialists though I like to think of them as death generalists who warily escort their new charges to enormous, armored Chevy Suburbans parked only a few feet from the terminal.

In July of this year Hearst debuted its digital video arm, Hearst Digital Studios, in a bid to catch up to Conde Nast’s 21 month old Conde Nast Entertainment. At the same time, Hearst said it had developed technology to sell subscriptions to its video content a la Netflix or HBO. That streaming video subscription business premiered with CosmoBody, a $9.95 a month fitness channel that streams workout videos through a browser site and mobile apps for devices running Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems..

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Deb and Humprey Geerlinks, Heather and Hank Wielink, Neve and Lane, Chad and Jessica Geerlinks, Amber and Bryan Kaastra, Jada, Jack, Tessa and Quinn Geerlinks. Bev and Terry Yungblut, Haley and Fred Turl, Oakley and Breiah, Kyle and Brittany Woodwards and Regan Woodwards. Private Family Service and Interment at a later date..

It is really hard to understand when a Book they call Bible is merely stolen and taken without understanding why it is written and for whom it is applicable. That Book was written for Israel by the Jews while they were building up a Holy Nation of One God. If that was to be made known for all the people of the world or Egypt at that time, Moses would not need to get God people out of Egypt but instead just teach Egypt to change their ways.

Duratread outsole provides long lasting durability and excellent slip resistances. Soft toe clog meets ASTM F2892 17 SD rated. Imported. We have a reputation for innovation in design for both print and digital products. Our adult range spans travel, including the award winning DK Eyewitness Travel Guides, history, science, nature, sport, gardening, cookery, and parenting. DK’s extensive children’s list showcases a fantastic store of information for children, toddlers, and babies.

Russia broke three days of secrecy July 4 and confirmed that the stricken underwater research vessel was nuclear powered. They have also refused to say what type of craft was involved, with the Kremlin calling the information classified. Neighboring Norway contacted Russia for more details though it said it hadn detected any increased radiation levels..

The cafe’s milk actually lightens the color of the soil around his irises. I also think it makes the ground around his irises harder when the soil’s dry. Helping him dig irises required us to get a hose and soak that rock hard dirt down good before our garden forks and spades would penetrate it..

But he insists that it is not about making a fast buck and that his team works closely with each artist and only on collaborations that make strategic sense. Is about establishing them in this new medium and giving them the tools and opportunities to achieve a long, illustrious, respected career, he says. Try to make the most of what they have on YouTube while planting seeds for the future..

Oh, Christmas Tree!One of my favorite things to do during the Holiday Season is decorate the Christmas tree! I’ve always had a real tree, so I plan to continue the “real tree” tradition with my children as well. I just love the smell of a real Christmas tree, and of course going and chopping down your own tree is always a fun adventure! As I’ve gotten older my preference for Christmas tree dcor has evolved. I’ve been doing a little research on different and unique ways to decorate a Christmas tree and I thought I’d share these ideas with all of you!.

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Theatre roles include The Lady of the Camellias, Hamlet, Celluloid Heroes, The Ride Across Lake Constance, Shadows of Blood, Rooted, Kennedy’s Children. With the Old Tote Theatre Company she acted in The Legend of King O’Malley, The Season at Sarsparilla, The Misanthrope, The Threepenny Opera, and Big Toys by Patrick White, who wrote the play for Fitzpatrick. She acted in Visions for the Paris Theatre Company, and in The Recruiting Officer for the Melbourne Theatre Company.

Because of this, the problems with inattention are often overlooked. As with all diagnoses, these behaviors must also have a direct, negative impact on the person’s social and academic functioning.Combined Type of ADHDA person exhibiting hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention are considered to have the Combined Presentation of ADHD, which combines all of the above symptoms.ReferencesAmerican Psychiatric Association. (2013).

Sports injuries have made a lot of parents worried and anxious about the well being of their children. Thankfully though, many of these incidents can be prevented with the right habits and through sports physical therapy. It is up to the parents and coaches to promote an environment of healthy competition for these athletes and of course ensure that the children are in an excellent physical and mental state before and after every game..

And, on this show specifically, you get to be coached by people you’ve looked up to your whole life. I’ve always wanted to do this. I’m so thankful I got that opportunity.”. Real Read Moreit is kinda software that can help organizations to monitor and manage all Internet behaviors on their networks. Monitor and archive all Internet activities including web surfing, Email contents, chatting contents by instant messengers, transferred files and so on. Filter certain websites, emails, messengers and file transfers.

Practicing a religion to some could encompass their entire lifestyle, while to others it might only mean going to a worship service once a week. On the other hand, the Constitution does not make any specifics about gay rights however that esteemed document does provide equal protections to all people regardless of their lifestyle choices. The fact that both groups appear to have standing on the topic of protection of their rights does present an impasse.

The hardest time to stop being the teacher is in the presence of “civilian” children outside the classroom. I once gave a full 20 minute math lesson to to an innocent girl scout who was only trying to sell me some cookies. I felt so guilty about it, I ended up buying 10 boxes..

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I’m looking for a music video I saw on YouTube within the last six months. Two young Japanese female musicians sitting at a table singing. It’s mainly in Japanese but there are few English words here and there. Through 1964 to 1998, the SS America was sold and renamed many times. From 1964 to 1978 she was purchased by the Chandris Group and renamed Australis. She was retired in 1978 and sold to Venture Cruises and renamed the ship America.

Injuries begat poor physical condition. Poor physical condition can give rise to sleep apnea, as doctors will tell you. For one of the other cogs in Canada’s bright basketball future, Bennett says he’s only looking ahead.. The fabulous looking image with professional hairstyle and make up, and an attitude inside exuding beauty outside will present the model in a setting of grandeur. Sure the amateur photographs are beautiful too, but the immaculate view inspires the kind of pride which makes the recipient mount his sweetheart’s picture within view for everyone to behold. Give him the satisfaction of showing off the object of his love..

It is true that cats really do not like the smell of citrus, and you can turn this to your advantage. Try sprinkling some orange and lemon rind the areas where they normally try and enter your garden. This strong scent is pleasant to us and will also deter the intrusion of our four legged prowler.

Doom 3 bfg edition xbox 360 mods. Doom 3 bfg edition cd key. Doom 3 bfg edition cheats ps3. Numbers are low on the girls side and we need a higher number of athletes out, said Kurpat, who of course brings much knowledge of his girls team from his spring experience. We need to keep them healthy, we have had some bad luck with injuries. Thing the teams will have in common is Kurpat philosophy of the sport, which both Oakley and Carroll have influenced..

JUST SAY HELLO is commendable for bringing attention to an issue about which many people are unaware. I associated it with being a loser. I am glad to learn that although I am lonely, I am NOT alone regarding how I feel.. Specifications: MORE CHOICE: ?Click our brand “peicees” to see more items if you need. Makes it easy to organize at the same time. 1 main pocket with laptop compartment pocket(up to 15.6″computer) 1 front zipped pocket(for keys / tissue / snacks) 1 strap pocket(for IC cards) 2 sides pockets(for water bottle / umbrella) 1 inner zipper pocket(for some valuables) 4 open inner pockets(2 of them design for pens / brushes) Great Gift Choice A nice backpack for different ages in daily life, ideal gift choice for your family and friends.

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Thank you again, for choosing our hotel and being our guest.Read moreI had a very early flight out of Bush Intercontinental so stayed here the night before. The room was clean and the bed was very comfortable. I had dinner in the restaurant and started with the crab cakes and really should have stopped there.

It was some of both. I crafted some ideas for the parts for the body of the songs, rhythmically trying to work with what the drums and bass were doing and to compliment Dickey guitar and Gregg organ. Trying to find parts that would fit in, but that would also take some notice.

A team that fighting to get into the playoffs, Philadelphia coach Brett Brown said. A prideful team, a veteran team, a well coached team and we just weren able to find a way to close the game out. We give them credit. A Brutal EndHe fled the court amidst a scene of pandemonium and outrage. He rented a house in another part of London for a year and a quarter hoping the scandal would die down but if anything, loathing of Lambe and his despised benefactor Buckingham reached new heights. Charles I was proving to be a despotic and clumsy King who had reached a dangerous stand off with parliament over his demands for more taxes to pay for his ill judged wars with France and Spain.

Our gloves have been rigorously tested by industry pros and consistently deliver beyond expectations. V5 Cold Weather Gloves: designed to protect against the elements. V6 High Performance Gloves: uniquely designed to meet rigorous demands in extreme conditions.

The right people will find you. Megan HaleBe human. Megan WarnerHave lots of varied clinical experience under your belt, have much business experience and much life experience. An 1800 watt motor powers the piece, housed in the gun metal gray die cast metal base. The fourside pitcher is best for smaller yields, while the wildside pitcher is perfect for making larger recipes. Electrical RatingsWatt 1800Volts 120Hz 50 60Amp 15Cord: 35 in.

Brown, M. Goodyer; B: B. Hardstaff, C. This year theme is I Na Mea Kanu Love for all things planted. Highlights include cultural activities such as the drinking of awa and other traditional ceremonies, music and dance performances, cuisine experiences, film screenings, hands on art demonstrations and informative speaker and cultural panels. The Ritz will present events in the lobby, the Hotel Theater, salons and walkways along with the E ala E ceremony in the ocean..

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Here is an excerpt of the relevant outline from the Oxford Dictionary, where they monitor changing word usage. If you go back to the year 1656 (included below), you will see the common usage of “gender” then, as a synonym for biological sex. This usage still occurs today, but is becoming less common..

It is extremely well served by transport links. It has an international airport with five daily flights from Amsterdam. It is 200 miles/320 kilometres north of London, just over two hours by train. A 10k stadium though is a way to measure any cooling methods they may seek to test out. There has been NO outdoor stadium used for soccer (season long) that has evaporative cooling/misting as its primary method of cooling, anywhere in the world. While some has pointed out that a recent refurbished outdoor stadium in Qatar to be used in the upcoming WC as an example, the date to be used for the WC are in the cooler winter months whee the avg temp there are in the 70 s 80 F.

I need to write a class to do some stuff. The test is the first user of this class. If I cannot write the test very fast, and I see that I’m spending a lot of time doing it, this means that my class is poorly designed, is not flexible, is not very reusable.

In November of 2004 a local Bishopville man called the police after his outbuilding was broken into and most of the food in a freezer was carried outside, torn apart and eaten. It was here where the really strange tracks were spotted in a muddy area and casts were made of the tracks. It was apparent from the casts of the tracks that the tracks were 14 inches long and had three toes on each foot.

This is how a player with a work in progress jumper on a team with poor floor spacing shot 68.8% in the restricted area this season. Opponents have every reason to pack the paint against Antetokounmpo and the Bucks. But no matter how they steel themselves, Giannis manages to find tiny openings to turn into massive dunks..

It contains alpha linolenic acid (ALA) which our bodies then convert to omega 3 fatty acids. You can find these same omega 3s in the oilier varieties of fish, however it is not recommended that people eat too many of these fish in a week’s time due to the high possibility of consuming too many pollutants and/or mercury. Plus, if you are a parent of a picky eater, fish may be out of the question entirely!.

The House of Commons, has a speaker like the House of Representatives, that speaker usually some type of non partisan presiding officer, elected by members of the party that is in power. The House of Commons is a thoroughfare for government ministers and chancellors. Adding to this the House of Commons has control over finance, meaning they and they alone are responsible for making decisions on financial bills.