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Grey Ant’s Grant Krajecki designed a larger, cartoonish version of the glasses “so extreme that [they] are best worn by those with a good sense of humor”. Other Wayfarer inspired sunglasses included Oliver Peoples’ Hollis, REM Eyewear’s Converse, and various designs in Juicy Couture, Hugo Boss, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs’s and Kaenon Polarized 2008 lines. Between July and September 2008, retailers began selling frameless Wayfarers..

Today will go down in history as the day everyone in the entire phandom lost their minds, souls, and complete control of their lives waiting for the important video. It will also go down as the day we wanted to collectively kill Tyler Oakley for getting out hopes out then sharing a completely different (while still amazing) video with completely different (while still amazing) people. If no more then 10 of us die from heart attacks today, it will be a good day..

At the trial, Webster’s estranged wife stated that on their honeymoon she had slept for 36 hours, after consuming a drink that her husband had given her, and on another occasion she had slept for 18 hours. She also experienced double vision, and a blood test showed abnormalities with her liver. Their marriage, he caused three house fires, including one at her parents’ house, perhaps in order to persuade Drumm to buy life insurance.

The Verb this week is an extended conversation with the poet, editor, mentor, teacher and aphorist Don Paterson. Don Paterson first came to prominence in the early 90s, winning the Forward Poetry Prize for Best First Collection for ‘Nil Nil’ in 1993. The following year he was selected as one of the Poetry Society’s ‘New Generation Poets’ alongside contemporaries such as Simon Armitage, Carol Ann Duffy, Kathleen Jamie and his friend and mentor Michael Donaghy.

Oakley gives you the optical clarity to dominate with the Field Jacket sunglasses. Ideal for medium to large faces. O Matter frame material is lightweight and durable. “It’s heartfelt for me,” James said of leaving the organization that drafted him No. 1 out of high school seven years ago. “It’s hard to explain, but at the same time for seven years I gave my heart to that city.

The style is supposed to be reminiscent of the digital alarm clocks that are kept on so many nightstands so people can keep a record of their insomnia. You can change settings for the application in the iPhone settings option. Once you open Settings you can just go down to Night Stand and you will have a series of possible changes for customization.

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Passive income to wealth is what everyone is trying to create; are you one of those trying to create a passive income for the rest of your life? In studying real estate I know passive income is income generated from apartment complexes or rental housing. The government issues a tax rate of 15% for passive income. Since I don’t know the tax laws related to Internet marketing I don’t know if the government has the same tax break for passive income online..

Click Connect technology allows forone hand FastAction fold bringing the ultimate in convenience to a jogger. Click Connect technology allows for a one step, secure connection of infant car seat to stroller. Baby moccasins are designed with soft, skid proof soles for babies’ comfort and are easy to pull on for quick dressing and undressing.

The Bible describes a great city thatcorrupts the world. Portrayed as a woman, it is simultaneously presented as a queen clothed in precious garments and as a filthy prostitute, drunk on the blood of God’s people. The city is eventually destroyed by divine vengeance, and its “luxury and splendor” is removed forever..

Flaggers will assist with traffic control as needed. Estimated project completion date is May 2017. [Wright Brothers Const. After the Wall Street Journal story about the Giants using all sorts of hi jinks to steal signs, I’m afraid to hear what Bobby Thomson will say tonight at the 50th anniversary of the Shot Heard ‘Round The World. Is it too late to blame it on Vince McMahon? .

Welcome to Cagsil’s HubPages account. For those who haven’t heard of Cagsil before, then you’re in for a treat or treasure, depending upon your view. Cagsil stands for Citizens Attain Greater Satisfaction In Life. What a great triumph of rescue technology to get them all out alive (assuming this keeps going as planned for the rest of the day and night it’s very painstaking). I’d like to see how the engineers not only drew up the drilling plan but figured out the protocol for sending in the paramedics, doing the triage, assembling the biometric monitors and the other gear that each miner gets for the journey to the surface. Who designed the capsule? What were the low probability, high consequence failure possibilities?.

Feel like I am a little behind the eight ball trying to implement some of the stuff that I?want to get for my system in, but we had to get some basics taken care of first, he said. That I am able to focus on the varsity, it will move a lot faster. The learning curve will be a little less steep for them then it was for the entire group together..

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Today she is an associate veterinarian and researcher at the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere which is in the path of totality. During Monday’s total solar eclipse, Woc Colburn’s primary concern once again will be on the animals she has made her life’s work. She predicts birds are likely to provide the greatest spectacle this time around, too..

His mouth had been photo shopped with what looked like last year’s baby teeth swapped in.”But Ange said she wasn annoyed about the gaffe. Instead, she explains she was “baffled” by it.”Why would anyone think to do this?” she said. “At what point did missing teeth become something to be(Image: Ange Pickett)Instead, she says she “shared her bafflement” with them and went to bed giggling over the conversations she had with friends about the pictures.She was sent a very apologetic message by the company, who agreed it was wrong and wouldn happen again.Thankfully, they also sent her the original photo so she can have the picture of her son in all its gappy toothed glory.She explained: “The photo company involved have been really honest, explaining that a number of staff had been seriously ill and it had been stressful dealing with this and training new staff.”The staff member who swapped in his “2016 mouth” now realises it was an error of judgement.”It was sad to hear that in the past they have been criticised for NOT photo shopping out messy hair, bruises, cuts and stains on shirts.”You can follow Ange on her blog Words by Ange .Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterPrivacy noticeNewsallMost ReadMost RecentStrathavenDrug dealer shot in face runs posh pooch clinic for gangsters’ favourite dogsPuppy farmer Scott Bennett offers hi tech ultrasound scanning, DNA sampling and sperm shipping for Bulldogs.UK WorldNora Quoirin died as a result of ‘hunger and stress’ autopsy revealsPolice investigating the death of the tragic teen say that no evidence of rape or kidnapping has been foundUK WorldNora Quoirin’s body was ‘in plain sight with head in hands like she was asleep’One of the team that found 15 year old Nora Quoirin’s body in the Malaysian jungle says it was not hidden or coveredSuicideHeartbroken mum angered after finding text which could have saved son’s lifeLiam McGhee, from Kilmarnock, tragically took his own life in August last year.GhostsGhost appears in background of innocent snap encouraging owners to clean up after their dogsCouncillor Jason Parry wanted to raise awareness over dog mess on the streets but a sepia version of picture caused quite a paranormal stir.MotherwellFamily say they are ‘living in a nightmare’ after death of Terry Smith in tower blockThey say his passing has ‘left a massive gap in our hearts that nothing will be able to replace’..

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The other vacuum pump is Fossa scroll that is ideal for high vacuum applications that are clean and dry. A non contact and oil free compression, low noise levels, light weight and compact size are some of the features of Fossa Scroll vaccum pumps. This vaccum pump is utilized in various industries such as Electronic, Semiconductor, laboratory and Research..

Features of the Smartwool Women’s PhD Run Ultra Lind a bit of stretch for exceptional durability and comfort. Features of the Smartwool Women’s PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Sock Indestructawool Technology Features a wool based, patent pending yarn and construction method for exceptional durability and comfort 4 Degree elite Fit system Uses two elastics for greater stretch and recovery. Just what the doctor ordered.

The Radical Liberal is a believer in the system of capitalism, wants to keep it intact, but wants reforms that will even the playing field and offer more opportunities for those disadvantaged by the system. They recognize the inherent inequality of the system but don’t want to fully change it; just make it “better”. Though selfish enough to be part of the system, Michael still does think of others and their needs; as part of his family (his employees).

We all went to bed “with the chickens” because after dark, we had to rely on the kerosene lanterns to see. If I hadn’t finished my homework by dark, I had to read my books by this light. It didn’t harm my vision either, because I’ve always had 20/20 vision..

NTA, holy shit this thread is full of people who can fathom someone not eating meat for a week or two. Meat isn some integral part of a diet that you die without. The man tried to secretly sneak meat into their home, and he knew what he was doing was wrong because he purposefully did it when he thought they would be gone for awhile.

Linyard sobservant eye he had appeared to set out alone; but an invisible traveller had in fact accompanied him, and if his heart beat high it was simply at the pitch of his adventure: for the Professor had eloped with an idea. No one who has not tried the experiment can divine its exhilaration. Professor Linyard would not have changed places with any hero of romance pledged to a flesh and blood abduction.

Oakley and others argue that forcing transgender students to use separate bathroom facilities is not a reasonable accommodation. They say it can be inconvenient for a student to venture far away from his or her classes to a designated bathroom. Moreover, they say, it further stigmatizes the students as different from their peers..

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It is among the best selling and most popular brand on this planet in the eyewear industry. It has its exclusive line for Hollywood stars, other celebrities and high end customers. Many celebrities have been seen sporting Ray Ban sunglasses, for example, Tom Cruise in the flick Gun Ray Ban sunglasses are for those who want to be the cynosure of all eyes and become the head turners.

Navistar said overall third quarter highlights included 2.7% year over year growth in Class 8 heavy duty retail market share boosted by strong sales of the International LT Series on highway truck. There was also growth in the engine division; Navistar’s 12.4 liter A26 engine saw its market share more than double from the year ago quarter. The engine is now also available in International’s severe service vehicles, the HV Series and HX Series.

This could be because of protein or vitamin deficiencies or other dietary concerns such as high blood sugar. Some vegetarians tend to eat too many bread products. This can be unhealthy if you are diabetic. 1. Building a better BaltimoreThe Orioles are at the bottom of the AL East standings, and better than only Detroit in the AL, but give them credit: A comeback win over San Diego on Tuesday not only gave them a 5 4 record on a West Coast road trip, but meant that they finished July with a 12 12 record. Our guys to compete the way they did these last three series on the road is really impressive, Orioles manager Brandon Hyde told the media on Tuesday.2.

The New York Police Department said Oakley punched three employees on his way out of the arena. It prompted a war of words between him and Madison Square Garden Executive Chairman James Dolan. What happened gave me enough to think about life and a ban is something that.

As I learned from my research, these vintage sewing machines were for home use, but were built well enough for industrial use. Back in those days, one of these good brands was build solid. As I found out quickly, the term that seamstresses or sewing machine users like to describe their machine was “workhorse.” And, I really wanted to own a workhorse that would last my lifetime..

Big Time. Theres a science to great art. From graphite circuit comic books to edible stained glass, young engineers and artists alike will find inspiration. All metal O’Neill sunglasses feature a combination of stainless steel and monel materials to provide an extremely lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic frame. The TAC POLARIZED lenses are manufactured from natural, renewable materials, mainly eco polymers from cotton and wood cellulose, offering glare free vision, optimal visual acuity and 100% UVA+B protection. All metal O’Neill sunglasses feature a combination of stainless steel and monel materials to provide an extremely lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic frame.

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Before his doping downfall and confession to Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong was among the most sought after product endorsers, with deals from Nike , Oakley, Trek, 24 Hour Fitness and more. Those lucrative days are now over, which makes it hard to believe that just three years ago Mr. Armstrong starred on advertising’s biggest stage: the Super Bowl..

The modern couple is not so easy to satisfy when it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions. Contemporary wedding invitations offer many possibilities to the bride and groom. The elegant wedding invitations have evolved from the classic white to shades of caramel or even red, tied around with soft, delicate ribbons.

You can request for bigger sizes as well. Pillow boxesaren limited to small gifts. Their dimensions can be adjusted to fit the item to be contained. Only experienced pavers will give you good standards and better pavements. One the other hand inexperienced pavers will probably spoil your already bad driveway. Also note that a paving expert will not only restrict you to residential areas alone.

They get a little card that says they’re a part of the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department on it and that’s about it.”Nolden said his special deputy status stems from his role overseeing the county commission’s government operations committee, which he said includes homeland security.”I very rarely carry [the card],” he said. “I actually forgot I had it.”Pickell referenced retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, who was recently named an honorary sheriff’s deputy in Clayton County, Florida. He said no uniforms, badges or guns are involved in the special deputy status.”It’s the same kind of thing as Shaq,” said Pickell, talking about four time Stanley Cup champion Joe Kocur.

Additionally, the inner compartment features clothing straps and a pocket large enough for books. The outside of the suitcase features two drink pockets, additional outer pocket for easy storage, a carrying handle, quality wheels, and a sturdy pull bar for easy transport. Best of all, the front pocket is an insulated snack cooler for toting snacks while traveling.

Exterior front zip and slip pockets. Exterior back zip pocket with zip at bottom to double as trolley sleeve. Signature logo engraved hardware detail in front. Toutefois, dix annes plus tard, quelques uns de ces Gros bras affects d’une peau blanche russirent leur retour en scne. Le cas de Jim TAUREAU, en 1958 est typique d’une de ces rsurrections dans les kiosques journaux. Mais Alain La Foudre, LUI, reste encore interdit de sjour en France.

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Fred House. Swapp did not fire the fatal shot; police said John Timothy Singer did.Other members of the family involved in the standoff served time and have already been released from prison. John Timothy Singer was paroled in 2006; family matriarch Vickie Singer also served prison time..

10. THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR: This is a fantastic piece with which to finish off your karaoke evening. You figure that after several hours of drinks and karaoke, not to mention good company, that you and your buds are feeling quite sentimental. And in local government contests and European Parliament elections, fringe parties like the Greens, the British National Party and the United Kingdom Independence Party have shown their ability to collect significant voting support.Winning a national majority is getting harder and the expenses scandals of the last parliament may boost support for minority parties that are apparently less tainted by them.What happened in the last hung parliament? Why are financiers and business people seemingly so jumpy about the possibility of another?Edward Heath, the then Conservative Prime Minister, called an election in February 1974 on the theme of “Who runs the country?” after battles with the trades unions. He failed to win a majority but took a bigger share of the national vote than Labour, which had four more seats than his Tories (301 to 297).Heath tried to stay in power, seeking to persuade the Liberals to back him. They would not and so his opponent, Harold Wilson, formed a minority Labour government.

These are not the days of the Pony Express or carrier pigeons. It is possible to be known to the average citizen in a matter of weeks just by hitting the talk show circuit. From what I’ve seen, those shows are only too willing to serve as a forum for any thing political..

Bedke said, going to take some time to soak in. I don know that everybody going to vote for it. But he said the proposal, in combination with other bills that are moving forward, matches his initial goals for this year legislative session: To make significant improvement in education, in transportation infrastructure, and to make Idaho more attractive to businesses.

Like a blindly loyal Hoosier, Cavaliers coach Randy Wittman,who played for Bobby Knight at Indiana, prefers to blame the victim rather than question the methods of his abusive, tyrannical coach. This season includes a major thoroughfare on Court Street narrowed to one lane on the west side of the boulevard from Bay southeast to the Court Street bridge.Where rumors abounded over whether both sides of the boulevard would get the fix this year or next, Assistant City Engineer Beth London offered some insight into the reconstruction plan.”Normally we’d close the road completely until the paving was done, but it’s better for businesses to maintain the traffic,” London said.View full sizeThe road construction route along Court Street.The projected completion date is Sept. 30, with an estimated cost of $2.1 million. The work will include reconstruction of the road with new curbs and gutters from Bay to Oakley.The Oakley to Michigan stretch includes a mill resurface with spot curb and gutter repair.

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Comfort and performance of Three Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment. HD Polarized lenses filter out glare without reducing your vision with haze and distortion like conventional polarized lenses. Available on the Polished Black/Black Iridium Polarized and Brown Sugar/Bronze Polarized styles.

1) The 1989 Flames, who defeated the Canadiens in six in the championship series, were the only visiting team to ever celebrate a Stanley Cup crown at the iconic Montreal Forum. Win it there and be the only team ever former Flames centre Joe Nieuwendyk recalled several years ago. Can even tell you how many times people, still, to this day, say know, you guys were the only team to do it in that historic building.

A team plays the night before and its opponent didn then one team is tired and its opponent is fresh, Wasch said. Fresh tired ratio will be lower than ever. It hard to measure and track when you build a schedule manually, but it easy to track when building one with optimization software.

It is also used to prevent the transfer of HIV from mothers to babies during breastfeeding. Vitamin C is also used to help reduce the side effects of bowel preparation. There is some thought that vitamin C might help the heart and blood vessels. Then things get interesting. The tape is a badly worn copy of Joel and Ethan Coen’s 1996 hit film Fargo, and Kumiko’s obsession with it inspires her to visit Minnesota and attempt to recover the briefcase full of money Steve Buscemi’s character buried in the snow near a barbed wire fence. Kumiko’s grasp of time and weather may be beyond rudimentary, but she’s never painted as a buffoon.

And like Obama, the president Mondale served was a newcomer to Washington with minimal experience negotiating with Congress. As Biden told a forum titled, “The Mondale Vice Presidency and Its Legacy” in 2015, “The first person I called was Fritz,” referring to Mondale by his nickname. In his early discussions on the position, Biden told Obama that he wanted the president and vice president’s interaction to be deep and personal, even combative if necessary; he wanted to be Obama’s chief counselor; he wanted to be in attendance at every important meeting; he wanted his views considered on every crucial decision on both foreign and domestic policy; he wanted to advise and participate in legislative efforts; he wanted to be the last guy in the room whispering in Obama’s ear; and he wanted a private meeting, perhaps lunch, with the president every week.

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From finger spelling, Helen progressed to reading Braille. After Braille, Helen mastered the ability to use spoken English, by learning to vocalize the sounds of English based on her previous knowledge of the grammar, lexicon and phonetics of a language she could not hear. If she had not already been fluent in English before she learned to make the sounds of English, the process of learning to talk out loud would have been much harder..

Sec., East Asian Pacific Affairs CFR, TC Stephen A. Oxman, Asst. Sec., European Affairs CFR Timothy E. I’ve learned that you can’t harness the power of diversity unless it’s a living, breathing part of your company’s culture. Differences are just as important to celebrate as commonalities; our employees’ different backgrounds have changed how we analyze data trends by providing insights into how people around the world think. But we don’t have strict guidelines or quotas for structuring our teams.

Prior to purchasing another piece of orgonite, I conducted a tarot reading to ask if the piece in mind was the right piece. I got the go ahead. It was like night and day compared to the first piece. Effectiveness by the amount of money spent and not the results achieved is irresponsible and unhelpful to the American people, federal health department press secretary Caitlin Oakley said in an emailed statement. The Trump administration, we committed to more responsible, effective government. Obamacare navigator program has been ineffective.

Don believe our suit is covered by his suit. Lieberman noted that Pomerantz Haudek filed the new class action as related to the ongoing Libor multidistrict class action, and said that, like Hausfeld, his firm wants Buchwald to decide whether claims by members of the new class are already covered in the Hausfeld case. And British regulators.

Maybe he had an hour until the next trial started. Your singular example is not the only possible explanation for him being “in the daily grind of being a public defender”. It helps paint the difference between Jimmy and Bill, especially in regards to quality of life..

Soon after Trump departed one side of the Mall, the concert began on the other side. In between, near the Washington Monument, was a wide expanse of families on blankets, waiting for the fireworks. The mood was peaceful, save for a single locus of agitation.

“After being found guilty on seven felony counts, I had hoped Senator Stevens would take the opportunity to do the statesman like thing and erase the cloud that is covering his Senate seat,” Palin said in a statement. “He has not done so. Alaskans are grateful for his decades of public service but the time has come for him to step aside.

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Moles Rest are the new leaders of 2B. As they were beating Sporting Farmhouse 3 1, previous leaders Heartsease FC were going down 5 2 at PL Rangers. Jordan Rocastle was the man who did most of the damage, scoring four times, making it thirty two for the season already.

They have four children, who have given him most of his best ideas for his books. This casebound board book has over 40 first words to learn, accompanied by the quirky Alphaprints animals and objects created using fingerprints and photographs of everyday objects. Each spread is themed pets, park, vehicles, toys, farm, food, colors and animals and the fingerprints are embossed for lots of see touch feel fun.

VillageThis map’s strategy is fairly simple to follow. First let me explain that, the majority of tis map you will spend underneath the bridge. That tis whole strategy takes place under the bride, and not on top of the bridge, and also the turret, and player placement can change, and move a little bit, i just had to put each on spots where you would mistake this as a on top of bridge strategy.

You do not need to win a Pulitzer here. So do not over think this. Anything that relates to your image and tells people they need what you offer should be enough.. Had four TD catches against Monterey Trail, giving him a state leading 29 for the season. The last two losses were to NorCal No. 1 De La Salle to cap 14 1 seasons in 2012 and 2013..

The music of Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno and David Byrne moves people. It also moves ODC/Dance, the San Francisco company known for its athleticism, passion and intelligence, which will be dancing to those composers at the CFA Theater on Wesleyan University campus in Middletown. Tickets are $20 ($17 for seniors; $10 for students)..

The fundraiser, which is now closed, raised $33,000 of its $100,000 goal. The fundraiser site had been updated several times since it was started last week to reflect new information on the status of Jannuzzi’s job. Oakley did not respond to questions about what happens with the money raised.As of Tuesday afternoon, the page continued to state “The latest announcement from the diocese suggests that we may have been misinformed about their decision to terminate her in August.

A comfortable glider is a necessity for feeding, playing and bonding with your baby. This best selling style glider is now offered in the newest fashion fabrics that are soft the touch while easy to clean with mild soap and water. Sink in and relax in this custom comfort glider.