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The Bees will skate the Hive ice 15 more times this season including eight times in February.The Bees lead the Laredo Bucks 15 points to 13 in the first ever Cricket Mayor’s Cup which is awarded to the team with the most points against the other. The teams have three games left.The Bees completed their first trade of the season on Jan. 15 acquiring defenseman Dominic D’Amour from the Missouri Mavericks and sending center Sean Muncy to Missouri.

Others aren’t so sure, and go as far as calling this whole notion some kind of misplaced religious faith. (The astrophysicist Mario Livio’s excellent Is God a Mathematician?) There are many kinds of math, and those chosen to describe patterns in nature or used to build machines form a very small subset. We can invent all sorts of abstract mathematical worlds, such as eight dimensional spaces and their properties, that are not reflected in reality..

This way I don really have summer and winter clothes. No point buying a lot of stuff you can wear most of the year. I think the T1 stuff is around $35 each for the top and bottom. Please click for more information about PolarizedPlus2 technology. Acetate frames in an oversized round design. Single saddle bridge.

Earnhardt last raced on July 9 at Kentucky before being forced out of the final 18 races of last season. He was medically cleared for the 2017 NASCAR season on Dec. 8 after a test at Darlington Raceway, logging 185 laps during a nearly five hour session with crew chief Greg Ives.

Oakley said two out of the three tuna were taken on unweighted pilchards fishing for snapper in close. This is a technique that works well if the fish are sitting under your boat or won come up to the surface. Joey Bourke and Tom Fox, a couple of our Richardson Marine staff members, ventured off Port Fairy to the shelf on Saturday, with Bourke landing a great school shark over 20kg.

“Both the baby boomers and Generation X are realizing the futility of investing in corporate America . One through experience and the other through observation,” says Granville Sawyer Jr. Of Norfolk State University’s School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

You probably won’t actually need any activities planned, but in case you want a couple, try these: Have some hula music handy. Watch a hula video beforehand and get a couple of your pals to join you in a hula dance. Orhave a limbo contest. Ishpeming also notched a relay win in the 1,600 relay, while Marissa Maino earned two victories in the discus and shot put. Katie Loman (300 hurdles) and Kayla Koski (long jump) also earned wins for the Hematites. Pruett said.

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CHESANING TWP. The mechanics who work in the body shop at Mel Ervin Ford dealership, 15455 Oakley in Chesaning Township, want their tools back. Tuesday an employee arrived to find various tool and toolboxes missing, but that wasn’t all. You should drink at least six 8 ounce glasses of fluids each day. Choose fruit juice without pulp, broth, or soda (without caffeine). Chicken broth (without the fat), tea with honey, and sports drinks are also good choices.

If you love your job, someone may be taking advantage of you, suggests a new study (n>2,400), which found that people see it as more acceptable to make passionate employees leave family to work on a weekend, work unpaid, and do more demeaning or unrelated tasks that are not in the job description. I got more and more put on my place. And it wasn until a month ago where I finally broke and was like, I not doing this anymore.

Born on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1919, in Salt Lake City to Ezra Oakley Taylor and Ida Whipple Taylor. Graduated from the University of Utah in 1940. Judy Loganbill, Wichita. Margaret Long, Kansas City. Steve Lukert, Sabetha. External pocket with organization sleeve. Side zip pockets for smaller items. Reinforced base with a freestanding design.

A Del Sol High School student was killed and two of his friends were injured when his SUV struck a block wall on a semi rural street off Russell Road near Annie Oakley Drive, Metro Police said. When he lost control on a pockmarked gravel portion on the wrong side of the road. The SUV crossed to the right side, jumped a sidewalk and ran headlong into a wall, lodging against a tree on the driver’s side, police and witnesses at the scene said..

Harrisburg Demola Abari, Clifton Abbas, Abisola Adelanwa, Nurudeen Adeniyi, Abigail Agyare, Angela Aikey, John Allen, Sierra Ames, Scott Anthony, Roberto Arroyo, Valerie Assad, Daniel Atchim, Jessica Atkins, Brian Atkinson, Hanibal Atnafu, Sandra Austin, Mohamed Baatote, Jennifer Bailey, Amanda Baker, Samson Bamgbose, Andrea Banks, Shayron Banks, Theresa Barbush, Ashlee Bargo, Derreck Beard, Kaitlyn Beard, Harpreet Bedi, David Bentley, Amanda Berkoski, Cheryl Berndt, Michael Best, Dylan Blum, Gabriella Bollana, Kemal Botic, Sadie Bottiglier, Lynn Bower, Tina Bowser, Levigh Bozentka, Trina Brandon, Holley Brashear, Shaina Bridges, Marva Brown, Tammi Brown, Stephen Buck, Long Bui, Evelice Buitrago, Randy Bullock, Jamie Cameron, Margaret Carney, Casey Carr, Jodi Carroll, Venita Cheraparambil, Justin Chortanoff, Clairette Chouadeu, Pamela Coakley, Cathy Cohee, Shannon Coley, Kevin Collins, Lysandra Collins, Jessica Colvin, Catherine Cornelius, Camilla Crist, James Croce, Timothy Cross, Sandra Cruz, Yasin Dada, Jonathan Dalton, Samantha Damrauer, Madeline David, Crystal Davis, Brendan Donahue, Jeffrey Donbach, Lisa Driver, Elina Druker, Vincent Dubesky, Michelle Dupree, Daniel Dutcavich, Melissa Elder, Cindy Enders, Courtney Espenshade, Kelley Ewings, Karen Ferguson, Barbara Ferrante, Karen Fetrow, Sarah Flowers, Marcie Floyd, Rolonda Flythe, Takoyia Foster, Jessica Frank, Debra Ganoe, Mallory Gardner, Brenda Gay, Christ Gekas, Erin Gish, Cindy Gold, Karen Gordon, Jaclyn Granger, Marca Graves, Jessica Green, Barbara Griffin, Joy Grim, Jennifer Grissom, Cherie Groff, Cynthia Grove, Timothy Guarneschelli, April Guess, Stephen Gunther, Alexis Hallinin, Jessica Hamilton, Jessica Haney, Constance Hannold, Chris Hare, Nadia Harry, Lindsey Haselhoff, Amber Heiber, James Henretta, Marcy Hertzog, Ryan Hickey, Patricia Hicks, Kathryn Hiner, Marti Holmes, Kenita Honesty, Ben Hoover, Cody Hoover, Andi Hummel, Mohammed Ibrahim, Afrid Irani, Nuryantika Ismail, Eduard Ivashchuk, Kevin Jayne, Steven Jewett, Alexis Jones, Matthew Jones, Nakeia Jones, Nicole Jordan, Christopher Jorich, Teresa Justice, Staci Kane, Harrison Kanyi, Rita Keelen, Kathleen Kelley, Edith Kelly, Deborah Kendig, Kelley Kepner, Ryan King, Rebekah Kinsinger, Kelley Kirkpatrick, Carolyn Kline, Rebecca Korn, Jonathan Kravitz, Stephen Langford, Kimberly Lawler, Dung Le, Keri Leitzell, Katherine Lelinski, Jennifer S. Leonard, Barbara A. Lepley, Jing Yi Li, Xin Yi Li, Morgan J.

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Of C. Hall, Illinois Avenue. Shirley Pitzer will preside. Shades have been in fashion for a long time and are important for shielding the eyes from the glaring sunrays. With time styles have been recreated and new styles invented to keep the buyers busy. For most people two to three different pieces are needed to go with various attires while others have a fetish for them and have countless ones.

They say that the truth hurts. But if it’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs, then let it hurt a lot. However, it doesn’t really hurt and it shouldn’t, if you want to be healthier and fitter. Almost unquestionably, “Annie’s” blessed re release qualifies as the home video event of the year. Bigger than “Jurassic Park” and its sequel put together (which they are in a new two DVD set). It’s not just that “Annie” has gone so long unseen and is thus a curiosity.

Renting fishing boats and houseboats is big business on the lakes. Individuals may wish to rent heir boats out for the day. Marinas have large houseboats for rent; either their own or customers. Today PaperCan anyone stop Edgeworth soaringto a premiership triple double?You’d be brave to tip against them after a remarkable 2016 andBack of the Netis not feeling courageous. Edgeworth it is, with Jaffas and Adamstown the big improvers. Here are the major 2017 gains and losses.

Photographer Milton Brooks joins a crowd of journalists outside the gates. Brooks is an unusual news photographer: Unlike his colleagues, he rarely takes more than one picture at any event, preferring to stand patiently until the most newsworthy image presents itself. Today, as cameras snap and roll all around him.

Most people tend to have the toilet paper rolling forward on the roll. If you find you are in the home of someone who lets the toilet paper roll the opposite direction, you are now in the home of a rebel. Don’t be surprised if you don’t also find some crazy patterns on the toilet paper.

Is there REALLY that much of a difference between regular polarized sunglasses and the Smith Optics Chromapop and Maui Jim sunglasses? If yes, then what about compared to these two companies regular polarized sunglasses?Yea I think the video I saw showed smith having the backside covered too, or either it was maui. I think both have it. There a lot of differing opinions as Ive seen someone put Maui at the bottom of the list after brands like Oakley.

Has had an outstanding year following up on last year, said coach Bill Belichick. Really had a great career for us. Matt goes up against some of the best pass rushers in the league at that position, really on a weekly basis. Call 228 1154 or 224 0884 for more information. Admission is free. (lunch will be provided).

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A copy of the Order and the Order map have been placed and may be seen free of charge at Tendring District Council Offices, Thorpe Road, Weeley, CO16 9AJ and at Chelmsford Public Library, Market Road CM1 1QH during normal working hours. Copies are available on request from the Chelmsford Library at a charge. Any representations about or objections to the order may be sent in writing to Robert Lee, Definitive Map Service, Essex County Council, Seax House, 2nd Floor, Victoria Road South, Chelmsford CM1 1QH not later than 7 June 2018.

It really was shit. The dothraki charge was completely stupid, putting your infantry behind the artillery, leaving the castle where the enemies superior numbers would be negated; it was as if no one thought to look at actual uses of combined arms tactics from the middle ages. Plus it took Dani from this strong heroine to completely weak, useless at everything and not able to command an army..

Everton legends Andy Gray and Peter Reid will manage an ‘Alan Ball All Stars XI’, with invaluable support from former Blues boss Joe Royle and former skipper Kevin Campbell, against a Premier League XI led by Harry Redknapp and assisted by Southampton legends Lawrie McMenemy and Matt Le Tissier.The match will be kicked off by Sir Geoff Hurst and Colin Harvey.Lee Carsley, James Beattie, Peter Crouch, Francis Jeffers and Danny Cadamarteri have already confirmed they will be playing, with more stars due to be announced over the coming weeks.This year will mark ten years since Alan Ball’s passing and his children, Mandy, Keely and Jimmy, have been involved in organising a series of events to honour their father and give football fans across the country the opportunity to pay tribute to a legend of English football.Jimmy said: “As a family we have a huge gap in our lives still and we’ll never forget dad.”This is something which came to our minds and we thought we’d ask the question. The club have got behind it and we are thrilled. We hope it will be a successful day and everyone has a fantastic time.”I had my little girls on the pitch at Goodison against Burnley recently and they asked me ‘Why are they all clapping?'”I said ‘They are clapping out of respect for your granddad because they loved him and he loved them.'”It’s good for the grandkids to see that the stories we tell them are true that he was a special man.”Alan Ball made 250 appearances for the Blues more than for any of his other clubs netting a staggering 78 goals, all from midfield.The Alan Ball words which adorn the walls of the home dressing room at Goodison ParkIn August 1966, just weeks after winning the World Cup with England, Alan Ball signed for Everton from Blackpool for a then British record fee of 110,000.

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Ralph Bakshi was the first to secure the film rights. But when his proposed animated version fell through, producer Alan Carr acquired the show for $200,000 in 1976. Hiw plan to cast Henry Winkler as Danny Zucco came to nothing, however, as Winkler was keen to avoid typecasting after playing The Fonz in Happy Days, and the role passed to John Travolta, who had played Doody in a touring production.

Scholars 17 Inventors 16 In the battle of the unbeatens, the Scholars ended the Inventors 12 game winning streak to claim sole possession of first place. The Scholars were led by Sidney Lempick who had a grand slam and pitched 3 innings. Amanda Mangan had 4 RBI.

Dads took us to the games when we were younger, Keller recalled. Grew up watching guys like Mitch MacDonald and even Coach Jay. It something we all wanted to do is play in front of our hometown and all the great fans in Regina. I have learned several important things by means of your post. I personally also like to express that there may be a situation in which you will get a loan and don need a co signer such as a Fed Student Support Loan. However, if you are getting a loan through a classic loan service then you need to be able to have a cosigner ready to allow you to.

While she benefited from Governor Deval Patrick’s passionate presence on the campaign trail, the baggage of various Patrick administration management scandals also weighed her down. Patrick didn’t help her cause with a tone deaf move to transfer 500 nonunion managers to the state public employee union. It meant raises and job protection for those workers, and two weeks before Election Day, it bolstered Baker’s argument against one party rule..

Why should you read it? I discovered this good read during an airport emergency setting off on a beach holiday without a book in hand. And it didn disappoint. Call it revenge of The Handmaid Tale (Atwood was actually a mentor for Alderman so it no surprise), The Power essentially turns the world upside down, when the balance of power shifts from men to women who suddenly realize they possess the ability to deliver an electrical charge, like a deadly eel.

Single bridge design with adjustable, non slip silicone nose pads. Traditional anti corrosive hinges. Lens treatments and frames are saltwater safe. Mais soyons honntes, qui dans une socit est plus en position d’autorit que les enseignants et les enseignantes? Pour les enfants, ceux ci incarnent la premire autorit extrieure au milieu parental, leur entre dans le monde adulte. Pour ma part, j’aurais galement, et sans la moinde hsitation, appliqu la loi sur la lacit aux ducateurs et ducatrices uvrant dans les CPE. Pourquoi les signes religieux bnficieraient ils d’un statut particulier qu’on n’a jamais confr aux signes politiques? Je suis enseignant.

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10th St. Board members will talk about what the coalition does and discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities. Free breakfast included. Constable Mohammad Altaf Wani along with two other persons Fayaz Ahmad Dar and Shabir Ahmad Baba were arrested by a police party while they were fleeing in a car which they had snatched from its owner at Bijbehara, 45 kms from here, last evening, the spokesman said. He said a police party swung into action and intercepted the vehicle at Khanabal Pahalgam road after receiving a complaint from the car owner Iqbal Dar that three persons had snatched his vehicle and fled. “Wani is reported to be working as Constable in the state Police and is presently posted in Srinagar District,” the spokesman said.

Kaufmann promptly head butted the cell biologist, who rolled well enough to slam the door. So the PCs did some window smashing, using their indicator fluid to follow the spawn through the hospital’s underground tunnel system, to the ambulance garage. Cates, bleeding from his broken nose, intercepted them to try to say that the enemy of his enemy was his friend, but the PCs weren’t listening.

Deutsch has hired Jorge Calleja as executive VP, executive creative director, leading the agency’s creative work on Uber. Calleja will report to Pete Favat, the chief creative officer of Deutsch North America. Prior to joining Deutsch, Calleja served as executive creative director at Media Arts Lab.

Cornwall quoted the famous book Our Bodies, Ourselves as one of the best examples of how feminism has been important within global health. Described by the New York Times as a “feminist classic,” Our Bodies, Ourselves was published in 1971 and grew out of a pamphlet Women and Their Bodies written by 12 Boston feminists. The booklet sold 250 000 copies without advertising, and the book is now in its 9th edition with 26 foreign editions.

“People are sick and tired of politicians making it even harder for them to access health care, and this bill is just the latest example,” Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement. “We should build on the tremendous progress made in this country with expanded access to birth control, instead of enacting policies that take us backward. Too many women still face barriers to health care, especially young women, women of color, those who live in rural areas, and women with low incomes.”.

Walls and FlooringThe colors of the floor and walls play the most integral role on the mood of your bathroom. Pick a shade or color combination that contains an earthy or vintage feel. This doesn’t mean you are stuck with only brown, cream, white or gray, though.

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C., Harrison, J. J. Bernath, P. If your wife has been particularly stressed.As others have mentioned a new epilepsy diagnosis can be incredibly hard to deal with but you absolutely not alone. Please use this subreddit to ask questions and get support and advice.Since this is all still so new to you (and I appreciate you may have been Googling away already) it may help to look at some of the basics About Epilepsy on our website. Some of the pages about wellbeing may be particularly helpful.A new diagnosis can be tough for the other people in your life, because they not sure how to deal with seizures or how epilepsy can affect people.

Take a long cardigan, pair it with a plain solid tank, skinny jeans (or leggings or shorts) and flats or heels and you are good to go! And because the look is so easy and effortless to achieve, I would give it the maximum points for simplicity in fashion. Fashionistas swear by the scarf and are always looking for new ways to wear them. Choosing the right handbag can be a tough decision considering the different styles available in the.Thank you yenajeon.

The judges later moved to Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif. Matt Farmer shared an inspirational story. He was injured while serving in Iraq, and the medication was supposed to render him sterile, but now he is a father to three daughters. Our Whitney collection of reversible rugs comes in a variety of complementary colors. Give your bath decor the upgrade it needs with this two piece bath rug set in blue. Set includes one 21″x 34″ bath rug and one 17″x 24″ bath rug.

(You can do that. It’s a small first step for a wonderful organization.) Do something, anything that benefits someone besides you. It is the best way to pull yourself out of an emotional slump.. Dazzle in your darling intimate apparel with a bra by the Playtex Secrets collection. Allure men, heighten your own confidence, and feel radiant in style. The collection offers the same comfort and support as the other Playtex bras, but with a stronger focus on fashion.

Second, form an LLC and get insurance. Even if you going to be doing little stuff in pop ups, all it takes is one opportunistic dirtbag to decide your food made them sick to sue you. Without an LLC and business insurance, you don have anything to insulate you personally from that liability.

In the first seven months of implementation five GPs have been retained who would have otherwise left, three of whom are over the age of 55. Where schemes have been successfully implemented they are helping to improve workforce resilience across the local system. The pilot contributes towards a range of measures that will help reduce the number of GPs who leave the profession early, provide an alternative option to be a locum and contribute to the Government’s target to increase the number of doctors working in general practice by 5,000..

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Small woods, a civilian police told him Wangli Wang in the inquiry room, he entered the interview room to see Wangli Wang, and took the phone to take home charging. Small woods, in the inquiry room, he asked Wangli Wang did not eat, the caller said, he asked was necessary,mulberry, accompanied by the other said no. After the small woods left to Wang Liwang 20 dollars left.

There was still plenty of buying going on. This is what the New Age has come to: fortune tellers and incense sellers nearly drowned out by pulsing rock. Human bowling was free, but in fact, it was just another promotion, for the movie “Kingpin.” The ,, folks selling silly hats did well, as proven by the many Cat in the Hat clones wandering about, and so did the T shirt hawkers..

The doctor can do this without the need for you to attend for an appointment. Your doctor will invite you in if they feel you need to be seen for the review. Contraception/HRT checks.. This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. That were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide.

While studying one, zoomed in and stumbled upon a discovery. N nsays when he first saw the image, his reaction was, “No way. ” n “And nI pushed myself away from the desk and did my historian happy dance, ” he n “Running around my studio, hyperventilating, going, ‘Yeah! No, it ncan’t be.

En un pasillo oscuro de Niceto estaba Juan Velzquez, de los Intocables, otro DJ de la noche. A diferencia de otros mencionados, al cantante de los Intocables no es habitual verlo en este tipo de fechas. Pareca agitado, tomado por sorpresa por la convocatoria.

Il faudrait tre terriblement naf pour tre surpris par les aveux de Lance Armstrong, que ce soit par leur contenu ou par leur forme. Cet homme, admirablement intelligent et habile, russit encore une fois un tour de force. En dvoilant ses torts grands renforts de publicit et avec une attitude humble et repentante, il dtermine les rgles sur lesquelles son jury, c’est dire une partie importante de la population de la plante, se basera pour le juger.

Beige lenses. 56mm eye size. 17mm bridge size. “This video is key evidence,” police attorney Paal Fredrik Hjort Kraby told a news conference. Lake and river transport is widely used in the DRC as the highway system is poor, but accidents are common, often caused by overloading and the unsafe state of vessels. The company said the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, north of Vancouver, was not operating at the time of the incident, and that no guests or staff members were injured.

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You’re in your second semester of AP Basketball History, you love really good teams, and you love lists. With precious little drama left in the NBA’s 2015 offseason, why don’t we hit the barroom and/or barbershop, pour ourselves a frosty mug of Barbicide, and get to arguin’ over each franchise’s most formidable starting five man lineup. There will be no differentiation between separate forward and guard positions, and the squads will be chosen after careful consideration of individual merits only we don’t really care if your team’s top shooting guard and point guard don’t get along.

You’re wrong if you think that Shalala has come a long way from Cleveland and the “Annie Oakley Pigtail League,” where Steinbrenner really coached her in her youth to protect the infield and throw overhand. Circumstances don’t change people like her; it’s the other way around. She’s the same “natural” in everything she does that she was as a kid playing baseball.

Dress is lined. Straight hemline falls at knees. 95% polyester, 5% spandex; Lining: 100% polyester. More people do it, the more likely they are to desensitise themselves against upsetting others. It can turn people into monsters and that toxicity can end up spilling into their physical world. People should be careful about engaging in, or just entertaining themselves with, wedding shaming because it can make you into a nasty person.

These lenses vary from Polarized, Driving, Clear, and the newest, “PRIZIM” lenses. The Oakley PRIZIM Line are lenses tinted for specific activities and greatly improve your vision while wearing them. Compared to HD vs. Jacksonville I critically must your children the various kinds of agricultural experiences. They embody over for Foodie experiences that enchantment to those that help local meals. Moreover research agency Agri tourism service providers act as both hosts and guides to the local meals.

Twenty years after Eastlake was in the most recent Canberra grade cricket final under lights, the Demons have the chance to end their wretched luck in one day deciders. After eight appearances without a single piece of silverware to show for it, Eastlake will be out to end its miserable run when it takes on Wests UC in Sunday John Gallop Cup final at Manuka Oval. The new lights will be switched on for the first time for a local fixture since the 1992 93 grand final was held at Canberra Stadium.

The giggles and the overall cuteness of the little bundle of joy can make it all worth it. However, there is the reality to deal with and that reality is the cleaning up part. Babies can make a lot of mess. I’m not pining to put it in the past again, because where are you going to go? I think it would be weird. You have to go forward. It’s definitely a contemporary story.

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Gave me a sword. A weapon, Andrews said. Isn that a peace offering between somebody who had been recently in combat (with each other)? After the war, Andrews returned home to Idaho. “Mr Finch’s exoneration illustrates the continuing failure of the judicial system to protect the innocent in death penalty cases, and particularly prisoners of color,” said DPIC director Robert Dunham. Catch all the Live TV action on NDTV 24×7 and NDTV India. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for latest news and live news updates..

I also added the water to dilute the already low sodium broth, bringing the salt content to near zero per serving. You’ll notice I specified garlic powder, not garlic salt, for this same reason. This is also where I would add the optional potato, if I were making it into more of a stew..

Once the pictures have been selected, have the child glue them down on the front and back covers of the notebook. This is where the notebook starts to become their very own. The pictures that are selected and the design that is created personalizes the notebook for each individual child.

Being a child without wisdom, totally subjective to the criteria set by mankind, I secretly developed an inferior complex in this field. Secretly, because my Christian parents would have accused me of vanity, ungratefulness AND coveting the legs of my peers. They were in fact accused of vanity by their parents; according to my Christian grandparents it was God’s will for me to be physically disabled.

“We’ve been practicing on plays like that double play all week. the bang bang plays at crunch time,” said winning pitcher Marly Laubach, who struck out seven. “All of these games are going to come down to close plays and we need to execute. Age Group: Adult. Pattern: Solid. Designed with new parents and nursing mothers in mind, the Baby Relax Cami offers a swivel, glide and recline motion and is always ready for any situation, leaving you fully in control while you feed, soothe or bond with your baby.

Wear clothes that protect your body. Cover as much of your body as possible if you plan to be outside. Wear a wide brimmed hat, long sleeves, gloves, and long pants. Ventura and his wife, Miranda, brought the old home into the 21st century. They totally replaced the electrical and plumbing systems, added powder and laundry rooms on the first floor, and wired a wall for an entertainment system. The master suite includes a walk in closet and a spacious bathroom.