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The five little monkeys and Mama are eager to get a new car. But who will buy it? Perhaps those clever monkeys can convince their cranky crocodile neighbors that what they really need is . Yes, a car! Children will love predicting how the five little monkeys will deal with each new challenge, making this a perfect story for interactive reading. Lively verse and Eileen Christelow’s inimitably comic illustrations put the five little monkeys in the driver’s seat in more ways than one.

The worst will begin at around noon Friday. NWS has issued a heat advisory for all the lower elevation areas in eastern Idaho including the following areas: Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Pocatello, Shoshone, Richfield, Carey, Mud Lake, INL, Craters of the Moon, St. Anthony, Blackfoot, American Falls, Shelley, Burley, Rupert, Heyburn, Oakley, Albion, Almo, Malta, Rockland, Holbrook, Inkom, McCammon, Downey, Lava Hot Springs, Malad, Preston, Thatcher, Hailey, Bellevue and Picabo.

This wouldn’t be feasible with a live tree, even I were diligent and watered it every day. And that’s another plus not having to water. I always hated dragging water into the living room and trying not to get it on all the gifts under the tree as I attempted to give my live tree a drink..

There’s no direct flight between here and destination city, and we can either divide it up between two 3 hour flights or one five hour and one one hour. I’m not a good flyer when I’m responsible only for myself, so I’m positively daunted by traveling alone with my daughter. I would appreciate any advice you could give me..

Grayson’s charge that Republicans want ill patients to “die quickly” became a national controversy and the Congressman’s unrepentant attitude about the comment suggests he doesn’t grasp his own political peril. Republicans think state Rep. Kurt Kelly is their best nominee but he will have to survive a primary.

Tamper proof zippers/compartments that lock or latch on to a spring loaded metal clip thwarts pickpockets. Hidden rear pocket. Zippered front compartment. I did not say so out loud, but I knew that my composition was as good as the best of them. By the way, there was another thing that came in my way just then. I was reading at that time one of Mayne Reid’s works which i had drawn from the library, and I pondered upon it as much as I did upon what the teacher said to me.

A mesh pocket on the back is perfect to quickly access items you need the most. A spacious main compartment gives you enough room for a multiple day trip. With a durable bottom and bartack sewing at all stress points, the Highfield Weekender Duffel Bag is sure to last for many trips.

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It is the supreme ruler of mindless entertainment. If you get rid of it you have eliminated the ability to fall victim to mindless entertainment. When i got rid of my tv I was so bored that I had to find other things to do, and I ended up hand quilting, sketching, and I began exercising regularly..

Square One Shopping Centre and Scarborough Town Centre are next to be outfitted with solar panels, with further solar projects across Oxford retail and industrial properties to be installed by 2022.Neate said they want to be a leader in building and owning sustainable buildings. Have reduced our carbon emissions by 35 per cent between 2010 and 2015 and we pledged to reduce our emissions by an additional 30 per cent by 2025. Claimed that Oxford has reduced their energy costs to the tune of $65 million since 2010.

Mathematics inevitably involves a lot of self teaching; if you’re just planning to sit there and wait for the lecturer to introduce you to important ideas, you probably need to find yourself another career. So, like a lot people here, I try to educate myself on important concepts that aren’t covered in the standard curriculum. Of course, sometimes this involves going back to revise material that you already half know, to understand it properly this time.

They tell Macbeth he should wear darker kilts and earth tones, that he should stay on message, that he should consider changing his name to something “less girly,” such as Macbob or Macbill. They tell him that he can never be killed by a man born of woman but that Nykesha Sales could probably take him out. They tell him a lot more, but, at a certain point, he just kind of zones out and stops listening.

Raised logo at temples. Interchangeable lenses. Polarized, N3 lens technology reduces glare and blocks up to 4x more infrared light than other comparable lenses. 100% UV protection. Optic Gear Kit included. Imported. Those successful groups had paid their dues early on. They learned their craft, so that when their big break did happen, they had the foundation to build upon. I can think of only one truly talented one hit wonder in literature, and that would be Harper Lee.

A less well known nickname for the singer is “Dolly Lama” a title she gave herself after regularly fielding fans’ requests for advice.Parton’s no nonsense wisdom has helpedmake her an LGBT icon, and she’s very publicly called out those who are intolerant of her gay fans, especially Christians. “I think gay couples should be allowed to marry,” Parton said in May 2014, before gay marriage was legal in all 50 states. “They should suffer just like us heterosexuals.”RELATED:10 quotes from Robin Williams that teach us everything about lifeIn honor of her birthday, here are 15 phrases to live by as spoken from the mouth of the great Dolly Lama.

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Before, engineers and designers of companies had to physically spend resources to create and foster their creations for defects and try again and again which was a hectic task and also budget eating. Many businesses could not afford the constant development expenses and thus had to stick to their old products and forget about expanding. CAD has made this easier for everyone, even if the purpose is not to build a product for consumer use.

Last year when Jordan was committed to management, he was in Los Angeles seeing Jerry West and Jackson. After the game Kobe Bryant walked into the room where a big group was swapping stories through the cigar smoke. Jordan offered Bryant some tips on moves he should make and, although not rude, Bryant was direct.

The rifle was able to fire a .50 cal ball with enough power to kill an elk at 100 yards. During that era, this was an unimaginable amount of firepower. It can be said that if there was ever a gun that ‘won the West’, you could argue that the Girandoni was it..

In 8 man football, Raft River has a long ways to travel. Prairie hosts the Trojans that night at the Kibbie Dome. Raft River got past Oakley Friday in a nail biter of the game, solidifying a second seed to the state tournament. If we don have the slide, less people will come. Kasey Pearson Canadian Lead Primary School In my opinion, why can they just replace the slide with a safer slide? The younger kids already have their place space. The council still has $750,000 and they could use that to fix the slide.

DONALD Trump appeared to model himself on comicbook law enforcer Judge Dredd as he outlined his American vision at the Republicans’ national convention.As he accepted the party’s nomination to run for president, Trump described the US as being so awash with blood and corruption only he can prevent it from sliding into the abyss.He took to the stage in Cleveland, Ohio, on Thursday night to the theme song from the Harrison Ford movie Air Force One.Read MoreTop news stories todayIn a 4600 word, 76 minute address, the billionaire said he would bring stability to the States after a year full of terror attacks and anti police ambushes.”We will be a country of generosity and warmth,” he told 20,000 delegates in the Quicken Loans Arena. He then pledged to bring law and order back to the US.Trump said: “The crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon, and I mean very soon, come to an end. Beginning on January 20, 2017, safety will be restored.”The irresponsible rhetoric of our president, who has used the pulpit of the presidency to divide us by race and colour, has made America a more dangerous environment than frankly I have ever seen, and anyone in this room has ever watched or seen.”This administration has failed America’s inner cities.Donald Trump to face the music as Paul Rodgers takes legal action over use of his song during campaign”It has failed them on education.

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And small 5.5lbs.). The Step Fitness Deluxe Dumbbell Set is one of the most unique dumbbell sets on the market today, offering ample consumer friendly features. The two 16″ bars are made of a heavy gauge steel to prevent the bar from bowing. Winter6. Spring7. Prosperity 8.

There a certain conflict of interest within insurance organizations. There are personnel anxious to make a sale perhaps tempted to oversell and assure prospects that they really are insured and there are adjusters, whose job it is to look at a claim (and very thoroughly they do it, going back into medical records for years). These two entities are separate departments, often even separate corporations.

Benzin, you test thousands to millions of people to find out which people have a disease and then you still have to treat them. I guessing your $200 is low as you must consider the doctor time, the nurse time, the lab supplies, the lab tech time, the cost of the machines to do the testing, the cost of the reporting, the cost of the followup visit., etc. You probably looking at closer to $500 per test.

Social media can be great for checking reviews, finding deals or getting the inside scoop from a friend. However, living up to expectations garnered from Instagram or Facebook will surely lead to disappointment. Limit your use of social media to the tool that it is and avoid comparing your holiday to the Joneses..

25 in the White Pavilion. David R. Oakley, New Jersey criminal defense attorney, and Louis W. Specimens were returned by post and tested for Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis (LCx Probe, Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, IL).Other outcomes assessed were psychological determinants of safer sex behaviours (such as self efficacy for example, does the participant have confidence in his ability to use condoms properly) and uptake of other interventions in the clinic or community. Five psychometric measures were completed on the baseline questionnaire and each follow up questionnaire. These were the situational self confidence questionnaire, which measures self efficacy9; the Rosenberg self esteem questionnaire10; the readiness to change questionnaire, which identifies an individual’s position relative to the model of stages of behavioural change 4 11; the sexual risk cognition questionnaire, which measures beliefs associated with high risk sexual behaviour12; and the HIV related attitudes questionnaire.13 Scores on the situational self confidence questionnaire range from 0 10; higher scores suggest a higher level of self confidence.

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6. You skip meals and snacks. You might not have much of an appetite, but it’s important to eat something. Lightly padded collar and tongue for comfort. Traditional lace up closure for a secure and custom fit. Features a long wear drag tip. I live in San Antonio which is more humid than the mountain west but less humid that the Eastern US. I lived for many years without air conditioning. A Mounted Window fan like the Lasko 16 inch Window Fan with EZ Dial Ventilation is best.

If liberals think the US is so bad, why don’t they leave? Jump to Last Post 1 6 of 6 discussions (54 posts)really get tired of people who say the United States is a horrible place. I have no idea why they just don’t go to a country they think is better. I wonder if they are too unintelligent, cowards or just lack the conviction and commitment it would take to move to another country.Years ago I had an argument with one of my wife’s relatives.

Biden machine revs up in IowaMonths before launching his 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden acknowledged that he is a “gaffe machine,” prone to misstatements and embarrassing mistakes. He lived up to that reputation this past weekend on a campaign swing in Iowa, renewing fears among some Democrats that the 76 year old former vice president and current frontrunner in the race for the Democratic nomination may not have the stamina for what would likely be a brutal campaign against President Trump. James “Hoss” Cartwright to face charges of lying in a leak investigation.

All Cobra core goggles are constructed from ultra premium Japanese TPE and feature a dual silicone head strap, a 5 level interchangeable nose bridge, and high performance polycarbonate lenses offering maximum impact resistance with unparalleled clarity. Available with mirrored or non mirrored lenses. Featuring Arena no leak, no fog, max comfort technology, the Cobra core provides impressive forward visibility and speed in an aggressive design utilizing greater lens depth for enhanced comfort and eyelash clearance. All Cobra core goggles are constructed from ultra premium Japanese TPE and feature a dual silicone head strap, a 5 level interchangeable nose bridge, and high performance polycarbonate lenses offering maximum impact resistance with unparalleled clarity. Available with mirrored or non mirrored lenses. Read more.

In three easy steps you can feel confident you’ve got a secure install. The base, with its 4 position recline and easy to read level indictor, helps eliminate installation guesswork. The removable all weather boot is a safe solution to keeping baby warm in the winter months.

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Bed delivered yesterday, mattress tomorrow, some tiling next, trying to keep up with transcripts, running Sara to hockey, writing short, for course, on and on. I have watched all the Magnum Steno vidoes now but, I think, 3. Great stuff!! Thanks for all your hard work and that you share it with us all.

Glaucoma is called “the sneak thief of sight,” because it often has no symptoms until there is irreversible vision loss. This makes it the leading cause of blindness worldwide, affecting approximately 65 million people, according to the World Health Organization. Although it can be clinically managed, there is no cure for glaucoma.

Lightweight yet durable nylon frame with rubber temple tips. Anti corrosive spring hinge provides flexibility for a secure, comfortable fit for various face shapes and sizes. Lens options (note: all colors may not be in stock): Neutral Grey Lens offers contrast and the highest available light reduction.

Au 18me sicle, une troupe de la Commedia dell’arte donne des reprsentations dans une colonie espagnole d’Amrique du Sud. C’est une communaut joyeuse et bruyante, anime par une matresse femme, Camilla, qui joue le personnage de Colombine la scne. Camilla est une force de la nature et un temprament gnreux.

There a part of me that wonders if tech companies (or someone, idk who) need to do a better job of finding that sort of radicalizing conversation and shutting it down, and if that would help. Social media has been wildly permissive about this sort of thing. I realize it starts getting to free speech territory, but honestly the internet does a shitty job of managing things that we classify now as hate speech, so it might be a good place to start..

Patrick McQuaid (c.1849 1892) of Jacksonville, Duval County, Fla. Born in Ireland, about 1849. Wholesale grain and flour merchant; mayor of Jacksonville, Fla., 1886 87, 1888 91; active community leader during the 1888 yellow fever epidemic; on June 17, 1890, he was brutally assaulted by City Marshal Stephen Wiggins, who clubbed him repeatedly on the head until he lost consciousness.

THE mother of a teenager who was swept to his death at sea has blamed a lack of “care and supervision”.Samuel, known to his friends and family as Sammy, was a detained patient at the Roycroft Clinic in Newcastle, which looks after mentally disordered young offenders.Two other patients, known as Kirsty and Mary, were with Sammy on the trip and they were being looked after by four members of staff.The inquest heard that no risk assessments relating to swimming in the sea were taken out before the trip as it was not intended for them to swim.The hearing was also told staff failed to notice flags on the beach which showed the designated swimming area. The children were instead swimming near the pier, which is known to be prone to rip currents.Following Sammy’s death, Roycroft Clinic, run by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, introduced a number of new policies including one which prohibits all children and young people from swimming in open water.Following the three day inquest, Samuel’s mother Paula Suckling said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who were involved that day in trying to save Sammy and all the witnesses who tried to help.”I believe that if more care and supervision had been in place my son would still be alive.”At the end of the inquest, coroner Michael Oakley praised the actions of two RNLI lifeguards and two holidaymakers who tried to rescue Sammy, originally from Stockton.Lifeguard Joshua Jones swam out to the teenager and performed resuscitation until a lifeboat came.Mr Oakley said: “He swam a considerable distance in difficult conditions and managed to get to Sammy’s body and then carried out resuscitation in the water when he must have been extremely exhausted himself.”A spokesman for the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust said: “Following Sammy’s tragic death the trust carried out a detailed internal investigation. Neither our own internal investigation, the Health and Safety Executive or the coroner have suggested that our level of staffing was inadequate.”Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterPrivacy noticeNewsallMost ReadMost RecentLotteryLotto results: National Lottery Set For Life winning numbers for Monday, August 5We’ll bring you the winning National Lottery Set For Life numbers for Monday, August 5 live breaking updates and results belowNewcastle Crown CourtNewcastle drug addict conned taxi drivers out of money ‘for his children’ before fleeing without paying his faresChristopher Stuart managed to persuade taxi drivers into handing over cash before making off without paying his faresAshingtonCCTV shows passengers sent flying as driver high on cocaine ploughs into bus in AshingtonCorey Rennison, 22, smashed into a bus in Ashington while he had drugs in his systemNorthumberlandWoman left ‘shaken’ after man leapt out of bushes and chased her in NorthumberlandNorthumbria Police received a complaint about the incident in New Hartley on Monday morningWallsendShocked residents ‘woken by screams’ after assault on Wallsend street in the early hoursPolice were called to O’Hanlon Crescent, in Wallsend, after reports of an assault on Sunday morningNewcastle Crown CourtNewcastle drug addict conned taxi drivers out of money ‘for his children’ before fleeing without paying his faresChristopher Stuart managed to persuade taxi drivers into handing over cash before making off without paying his faresBamburghBamburgh hotel set to close its doors as housing plans submittedAn application has been lodged with Northumberland County Council for a change of use of The Mizen Head, in Bamburgh, into four residential unitsTraffic TravelNorth East news LIVE: Latest breaking news, sport, weather, traffic and travelChronicleLive’s breaking news service including Tuesday’s traffic, travel, weather, sport and more covering Newcastle and the North EastNewcastle upon TyneMajor restoration set to give 18th century Newcastle landmark a new lease of lifeHistoric England has given 135,000 towards the repair of the grade I listed Georgian All Saints Church, overlooking the city’s Quayside.

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Thibodeau has been demanding of his young charges through the first three months of the season, emphasizing consistency in approach and exactness in execution as the keys to long term success. He still doesn hide his displeasure on the sideline with a missed rotation or a rushed jumpshot the local cable network that broadcasts Timberwolves games has turned down some of the microphones near Thibodeau on the sideline so his growling isn quite as audible for audiences watching at home. But he has been quick to point out that he has been pleased with the work ethic he has seen from the team..

The following terms and phrases ARE vios and we get these a lot, so I’m thinking a lot of you don’t realize they ARE vios:”Get a life”, Grow Up”, “Get over yourself”, “Go Away” “Go back to your birth board”, “STFU”, “Leave/don’t post here”, “Get off your high horse; how’s the view from up on your high horse, etc.”, “I feel sorry for your baby/child/children” etc. Are all vios, even in GIF form. “Get over IT” is not a vio.”Get over yourself” is a vio..

Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai was invited, but he declined to come. He reportedly demanded high protocol, which Pakistan couldn’t or didn’t want to extend to him. Other important Afghan politicians who attended the Murree event included Atta Mohammad Noor, Ismail Khan, Mohammad Mohaqqiq, Yunas Qanooni, Fozia Kofi and Karim Khalili.

Outgoing Senator Derryn Hinch says he’s ‘still got a lot of unfinished business’ in the Senate as he recalls his time in the role. Speaking with Sky News, where he will next month host his own show titled ‘Hinch’, the broadcaster says, ‘I’m back with a vengeance’. He says he’s proud with his legacy in the Senate but declares he is ‘coming back in three years’.

It was too high for me, so i usually left it alone, as It didn’t hold anything of interest to me. Or so I thought. After clambering on the bed, I decided that I wouldn’t still be able to reach, so I got the stool. Always dreamt that I could win out here and I felt like I kind of proved that, Poston said. Myself some chances over the years. But to be able to do it here in North Carolina with a lot of friends and family, I don think I could have drawn it up any better.

Teaching it is the hardest thing. Because it’s still a very emotional subject to me. The last thing I cover is Flight 93 and the decisions those people made on that plane, and the decision the fighter pilots made in pursuit. Basically every fighter (aside from super heavyweights) has a natural bodyweight above their “fighting weight”. The goal is to be in the lowest possible weight class that still allows you to maintain your strength and endurance, because if you don then you get overwhelmed by the other fighter who did. If you don “make weight” (cut off was 165 and you weight in at 165.8) you get bumped up to the next highest weight class and be fighting dudes who are at the upper limit of that class (who have cut down to get there) while you are at the bottom and now fighting someone significantly larger and stronger than you.

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Anne is survived by her husband of 45 years, Hugh Brian O’Neill and their children, Lauren H. O’Neill; Brian H. O’Neill, his wife Diana and their children, Siena and John; Claire H. This was the stopping place for the Union troops on their way to the Battle of [Antietam]. Despite the fact that the Warfields were southern sympathizers, they were treated with respect by the Union troops. ..

We can find Michael Jordan’s modesty presenting more obvious in the same passage. He said I hope I can participate in the All star Game at one time. Not long ago, his goal achieved because Michael Jordan was chosen as the guard of All star Game. Something other than his good looks stood out this time.”The most important thing was when he finished preaching, he went to talk to the homeless and he hugged them. I thought, ‘Oh, he loves people,'” Elsa said.The John she saw that day was a far cry from the one who arrived at UGM in 2008, weighing just 123 lbs. And near death after a 40 year struggle with drugs and alcohol.

When they’re ready, the back removes,and you haveabackless booster that’s easy totransportand simple to store in the trunk when not needed. Now, thanks to the easy to clean car seat pad, theres no need to stress. For more than 70 years, Cosco has been a leading childrens products brand recognized for its dedication to safety and value.

If you have never stood on the wall defending the freedom and liberty that you assume will always be there. Rememder the Civil War was only 150 years age. WWi was 97 years, WWII 63 yrs ago Want me to go on, here some names Stalin, Mao , Kim Jung Il, Iddi Amin , Castro, Hugo Chavez, Vlad Putin.

Cataracts. Higher intake of vitamin C from food is linked with a lower risk of developing cataracts. Some early research shows that people who take supplements containing vitamin C for at least 10 years have a lower risk of developing cataracts. Seidler tambin defiende que la tendencia feminista a asociar a los hombres y el comportamiento masculino con la construccin y significado dominante de masculinidad, convierte en “casi imposible poder explorar la tensin entre el poder que los hombres detentan en la sociedad y las formas en que se experimentan a s mismos como individuos sin poder”. (Seidler, 1991b, 18). Nos muestra que la izquierda se ha construido a s, incuestionablemente, sobre las nociones burguesas de culpa y sacrificio personal, enfatizando el deber y la obligacin del propio sacrifico en el nombre de nuestra carrera, el Estado u otras cosas.

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Mes enfants ont t l’lment dclencheur de ma prise de conscience. Quand je leur ai achet des iPhone, je me suis rendu compte que le temps des mamans, des goters, des conversations btons rompus tait fini parce que nos rejetons sont vritablement captifs de ces portables qu’on leur offre et qu’on les laisse utiliser leur guise sans leur imposer le moindre contrle. Aujourd’hui, nos enfants sont victimes d’un vritable assujettissement l’iPhone.

My interests in research methods are both technical and more broadly methodological. I am interested in how to improve quantitative methods like social surveys and statistical analyses to generate more valid and reliable conclusions from these kinds of data. I am also interested in how to use new computational methods like machine learning on very large social science datasets, to identify patterns, classify observations, and make better predictions.

Hartlepool, still without Willie Boland, are expected to be unchanged.Mk Dons v TRANMEREShaun Cummings and Willy Gueret are both suspended for MK Dons. Tranmere have Andy Taylor banned and Ian Goodison and Ben Chorley are doubts.Oldham v YEOVILHotshot Lewis Alessandra is expected to keep his place in the Oldham team after scoring a midweek hat trick. Yeovil Andy Welsh is a doubt for the visitors.Peterboro v HEREFORDShaun Blackett is still missing for Peterborough but Dean Keates and Micah Hyde are available.

Campbell, B. Bruce, S. Bennetts, B. IP 67 waterproof, the smart watch surface to withstand rain water impact when you are out in the open. Magnetic charging and comes with charging cable. Wide compatibility: compatible with ISO 8.2 and Android 4.4 above Product Specification: Front shell: Glass Back shell: ABS+PC Strap: TPU Screen Size: 1.3 inch IPS screens Bluetooth: Support 4.0 and above Battery type: polymer lithium battery Battery capacity: 170mAh Charging method: magnetic charging Charging time: about 2H Data storage: 3 months Life time: about 5 7 days of use, about 15 days of standby Compatible System: Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above Control mode: Full touch control, mobile APP control Product language: Chinese/English and other 12 languages Package Includes: 1 x Smart Watch 1 x Charging Cable 1 x User Manual read more.

Brought gifts with him on hospital visits to those he shot down. Picked Manfred von Richthofen and other top pilots for Jagdstaffel (squadron) 2, or Jasta 2. Killed at the age of 24 in a crash resulting from a wingtip collision with his friend Erwin Boehme.

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O Matter frame material is lightweight and durable. Advancer nose bridge positions the frame to block light while opening airflow to combat fogging and overheating. Unobtainium nose pads and ear socks: Increase grip when wet. Redefine your style with the sleek look of the Oakley Coldfuse sunglasses! Lifestyle sunglasses with a distinct aesthetic that feature a unique mechanical function for connecting the center frame and temples together. Progressive construction with lightweight titanium and the durability of O Matter to add depth and dimension to the style. Prizm lenses are designed to enhance color, contrast, and detail to make the most of any activity.

If you are assigned to do a task it is essential that you do it right to avoid rework. It reflects on you as an individual on how you regard your work. It shows if you give your best when doing your work or if you do things haphazardly. In three months, 165 officers around the District have recorded tens of thousands possibly hundreds of thousands of hours of video. Lanier said she may end the six month pilot ahead of schedule and start implementing a camera program across the 4,000 member department. Police issued an 18 page “special order” that is publicly available on the Internet, which spells out in detail how and when officers should hit the record button.

Suitable for beginners as well as professional artists, these oil free pencils are excellent for plein air art and field sketching, and they can also be used for fabric and craft projects, memory books and rubber stamping. Perfect for bold drawings or delicate sketches, these pastel chalk pencils are handcrafted with a pigment rich formula to provide smooth, easy to blend coverage in a range of vibrant colors. Suitable for beginners as well as professional artists, these oil free pencils are excellent for plein air art and field sketching, and they can also be used for fabric and craft projects, memory books and rubber stamping.

The added weight provided by these adjustable weights can help increase all over toning and improve flexibility and range of motion. They are made from a soft and stretchy neoprene fabric that is completely breathable and comfortable to wear. This pair of ankle weights is equipped with simple nylon fastening closures designed to provide a secure and snug fit for all sizes.

Push yourself to the limit on your next run in the Oakley Unstoppable Polarized Sunglasses. HDPolarized lens technology blocks reflected glare that can cause distractions in varying light conditions, while the Plutonite lens material blocks out harmful UV light. FEATURES:Active semi rimless design is perfect for running, hiking and more Lenses filter 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays and harmful blue light up top 400nm HDPolarized lenses filter 99% of reflected glare without distortion and haze High Definition Optics technologies meet or exceed ANSI standards for optical clarity, visual fidelity and impact resistance Lightweight frame design is durable and stress resistant Includes: Unstoppable Polarized Sunglasses, Microbag, Soft White Case SPECS:Fit: Standard; Lens Width: 65mm, Bridge Width: 9mm, Lens Height: 42mm, Temple Arm Length: 130mm Frame: O Matter Frame Material Lenses: Plutonite Polarized Lenses California Proposition 65 Size: One Size.