ethan westmeier take 5th and 7th in southern cal finals

After spending nearly a decade in Oakland making moody, motorik paced post punk for the pop leaning Captured Tracks record label, the Soft Moon’s Luis Vasquez used this year’s Criminal his fourth studio album as an opportunity to make a few changes. Now living in Berlin, Vasquez signed a new deal with the experimentally inclined Sacred Bones and unleashed an album full of intensely confessional industrial synth rock ( la Nine Inch Nails) that tackles the lingering effects of his difficult childhood. The result is an urgent and unnerving work of exploration, self reflection, resignation, and redemption that lifts the veil on Vasquez and puts him at the front of his music for the first time.

Got a lot of things that I can contribute (to), and I’ve been so blessed in the business that I’ve done so many different things,” Ross continued. “I’ve been an administrator and a syndicator, a marketing rep, a VP of broadcasting, a head of talent relations. But the fun part is what I did tonight..

Cloth bag included. Standard fit. Imported. Oakley told ABC station WABC TV in New York that he was “trying to have a good time. Next thing I know, I was asked to leave the building. I asked why and they said, ‘Well, you have to leave because someone ordered you to leave.’ And I’m like, I’ve been here four and a half minutes, I’m a Knicks fan, played here for 10 years, I love the Knicks, I love New York, this is my heart, I wish them all the luck.”.

Actress Reno Browne (born Josephine Ruth Clarke in Reno in 1921), who in the late 1940s was a successful western movie actress, is buried in Reno. Brown, who also performed under the name Reno Blair, was married for a time to cowboy actor Lash LaRue and appeared in 14 western films in the 1940s and 50s. She apparently broke into movies as an extra in several films shot in the Reno area, then moved to Hollywood and worked as a trick rider and stuntwoman.

Designed to balance light transmission, reduce glare, and optimize vision. Not available on all models “see color name for attributes. Metal icons at temples. “For years, Zoetis has been a leading advocate of the bond between humans and animals, and we are honored to have earned this important certification,” said J. Michael McFarland, DVM, DABVP, Executive Director, Zoetis Petcare Marketing and Chair of the HABRI Board of Trustees. “Veterinarians play a key role in strengthening the relationship between animals and people, and Zoetis is committed to helping them, their clients, and the animals they care for experience the benefits of the human animal bond.”.

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72: 1. Tevai Rodrigues Furtado, Napili; 2. Kaili Angel, Razorbacks; 3. It’s important that you remind them of their commitment and in a straightforward and calm manner, let them know how you feel about the commitment not being kept. And if that means expressing disappointment or frustration, then that’s exactly what you express. You’re not doing your people, your company or yourself any favors by letting the situation slide..

Are you crazy lol I don want any stranger knowing where I live or having my phone number and then using that personal information to try to ask me out. We pay for this service assuming that we can use it to safely and privately get to our destination. It is a breach of trust to use information you received for professional purposes for your own personal gain.

Revoking Article 370 and Article 35 A of the Indian constitution, the Modi led Indian government has given a new dimension to the Kashmir uprising and has jeopardized the peace of the entire region. It is not only a sheer violation of human rights but also tantamount to making a mockery of UN resolutions which ask for the people of Kashmir to decide their future through a free and fair plebiscite. In addition, this insane move on the part of the Indian state will spark a new wave of violence in the occupied valley.

Lymphedema. This is a collection of lymphatic fluid in the tissues that can develop because of the absence of or problems with the lymph vessels or after the removal of lymph nodes. Lymph is a protein rich fluid that normally travels along an extensive network of vessels and capillaries.

Take your workouts to the next level with this Gold’s Gym 20 pound pair of adjustable ankle weights. You can easily add or remove resistance from these 20 pound ankle weights without taking them off. They feature an extended hook and loop closure strap, so you can be sure they will fit you in a snug fashion.

Trundle bed frames are another option for multiple sleepers and is a similar choice to bunks. It consists of a regular twin size bed frame with a pull out twin size bed underneath. The second bed is able to slide in and out for easy storage and offers more space when not in use..

She was a result of an experiment with human emotions. She cared for her own life and when she gets angry she resorts to lethal force. The elderly woman wasn’t the first person she killed. Sometimes, you will be commissioned to write a script. If so, write directions according to how the producer desires. Some producers want to give the actor the freedom to interpret your dialogue.

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The conspiracy, if any, is when Zuma, after so many witnesses implicated him, tried his luck by avoiding actually denying the allegations against him. Instead, he provided countervailing evidence and put his version across. No doubt he would have been advised that failure to challenge the versions already before the commission and which implicate him renders them as admitted facts..

With a sturdy 200 lbs. Weight limit, this storage foldable ottoman cube also makes the perfect footrest, extra seating for guests or even a puppy step. This small storage ottoman cube will add an inviting style to any living room, bedroom, play room, office, nursery or even entryway.

“Aprender a no pellizcarme fue tambi un gran paso” dice la novia de Cole Sprouse. “Algunas personas no tienen problemas con hurgarse la piel, pero yo s Si veo un punto negro en mi frente, voy por Es casi como si est en un trance del que te tienes que despertar tienes que alejarte del espejo”. Te entendemos Lili, casi un placer culposo!.

It seems where he tries to get these girls is by seeing them on the page and trying to get them on Snapchat. Of course they will follow the page, hell I did. But then they are met with unsolicited dick pictures, or sexual advances. Homes in this resort style community come with features such as; a paved drive way leading up to a 2 car garage, well manicured yards, spacious lots great for entertaining. Inside the homes is an open floor plan living concept with luxurious finishes and fittings. With NewHomeSource, finding your next home is made very simple and stress free.

Boil 18 2 jumbo pasta shells in the water until just barely al dente, about 8 minutes. Drain and set aside. Mash sweet potatoes with 16oz ricotta cheese, teaspoon ground cinnamon, and 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg. ANSI certified lenses meet or exceed safety standards set by the American National Standards Institute. Only available in ANSI listed colors. Interchangeable lenses allow for better performance and adaptability.

Color: Mocha. Age Group: infant. Read more. A good fit for women. Includes a zippered hard shell case and a microfiber cleaning bag. All Tifosi lenses provide 100% protection from all harmful UVA UVB light rays. Green, who entered Game 1 on a serious roll, was mostly a non factor. With 59.9 seconds left in the second quarter, Kyle Lowry drew a charge on Green, giving him three fouls. Long Island’s Danny Green (11 points, 3 of 7 on 3 pointers) hit a monster, contested corner 3 over Thompson with five seconds left to give Toronto its biggest lead of the half at 12..

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We feel their pain. We also feel Becca mother Nat (Karen Lust) anguish for the loss and for her earlier loss. Rabbit Hole script feels totally natural. Opinion: Who’s bad? If you’re talking about poor sports teams in 2019, Vancouver has them all beat. And that’s just a figure of speech because we don’t actually beat anybodyMy wife once said to this reporter: hope one day you get to cover a team that wins more. Was talking about Canada rugby team, but she could have easily been talking about our three major pro teams, too.

With the most significant match of her career a day away, Rapinoe was able to approach the subject with the same attitude with which she approached that penalty kick against Dutch goalkeeper Sari van Veenendaal complete understanding of the importance of the moment, but all the serenity to handle precisely what was asked. Soccer Federation provided the men or didn’t provide the women. It was about what FIFA, the sport’s international governing body, did to acknowledge the women who provided this spectacular month in France.

After you gain full control over your phone by rooting, you have the option to flash a ROM. A ROM is custom designed skin that sits on top of Android, and usually changes everything about the way your phone looks and operates. An easy way to envision this change would be similar to uninstalling Windows 98 on your home computer and installing Windows 7 instead.

It’s human nature and providers become callous. The army has a particularly hard situation for soldiers and providers, because what’s in the interest of the army and soldier may appear to conflict. This is of course in addition to a magnitude of other contributing factors.Every healthcare professional is guilty of it, and honestly it’s going to happen.

That stuff (minus knife), plus the fire starters you linked to, form my lightweight fire kit. You might get something small going but this will burn out as your chemical fuel disappears revealing that your twigs were not really part of the fire’s main body. You’ve probably experienced this before.

Two sets of pipes, one in Green Valley, and one on Quicksilver/chair 4. There was a full set of 30 50 footers on chair 4, and another on Gold Hills, including some massive, massive rails on Gold Hills. There was also a superpipe above the chair 6 bullwheel on Queens for a while.

Friends are hard to find and good friends, harder still. If you have a truly good friend, you are one of the lucky few because good friends aren’t that easy to find these days, so count your blessings and keep your good friend! They are truly invaluable and irreplaceable. While it may take years to develop a strong friendship and have a true friend, it only takes seconds to break that friendship.

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I Antivenins in primo luogo sono stati sviluppati pi di un secolo fa. Sebbene CroFab sia pi sicuro e pi puro dei antivenins dell’esperienza, il trattamento mentre ad alto contenuto di manodopera resti fondamentalmente lo stessi. I serpenti, i ragni ed altre creature sono munti per il loro veleno, quindi una piccola quantit della tossina iniettata negli animali come i cavalli o le pecore.

Introducing him during his last general conference appearance in April, President Hinckley said, “What a great soldier he’s been in the army of the Lord.” When he took the podium, Elder Haight smiled and spoke to the crowd, referring to his previous appearance at the pulpit. “I’ve heard from some people who thought I was waving a farewell. But I’ve come here today to indicate to you and to tell you I’m back.

Talk about a throwback! These classic toys truly stand the test of time while managing to still capture active minds and imaginations. Check out our roundup of retro toys that easily compete in today’s digital age without all of the bells and whistles. Parents, get ready to revisit your childhood and reminisce about fun games and activities that not only never grow old but make you want to be a kid again.

March 22 2.40pm: A Hyundai i10 4×4 car mounts the kerb on Westminster Bridge and ploughs through dozens of pedestrians. The driver then left the vehicle armed with a knife and stabbed a policeman before being shot. The sound of three gunshots rang out.

It is important to understand that cells are the smallest unit in the body. A group of specialized cells form tissue and tissues forms organs. Therefore, changes in the organs actually start at the very smallest unit which is at the cellular level. “And the pictures are usually of a polar bear on an ice floe and then a very poor Inuit community.”He also points out that years ago, many more people from the South visited family members who lived and worked in the North. Capital, hears a lot of misconceptions when representing her city in the South.”It very common,” she said. She allows that Yellowknife and Yukon both starting with a Y might be a source of confusion, but calls it “unfortunate that Canadians mix up that geography so much.”Alty says people have asked her if she knows someone in Whitehorse, which she likens to asking an Albertan if they know someone in Saskatchewan.”I don know if there anything we could do as a nation to get better at remembering the three territories, but it would be great if we could.”Why the territories matterCoates says meaningful investment in the territories could have a big impact.

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Available with clear or dark lenses. Activated by gently swiping the inner surface of the goggles’ lens with fingers to bring pristine clarity to the surface of the goggles’ lens. How to use: When goggles become foggy, activate the revolutionary Swipe anti fog protective film by gently swiping the inner lenses five times with your fingertip while the goggles are in the water.

People do not want to work with REDs in many cases. The color science on them is apparently a real challenge when they try to do a DI [Digital Intermediate; where they “color” a film or tv spot]. They do have some cool features that make them a good choice for certain applications.

Zimmerman should have left his gun in the car since he decided not to follow the instructions to stay in his car. But he was on a mission to murder Trayvon, because always get away. I wouldn be surprised if there was never a fight. Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life: Chris Powell: . If you want to lose weight and get stronger get the book and follow the program! Read more. “An inspirational fitness book by celebrity fitness trainer Chris Powell, from ABC’s EXTREME MAKEOVER: WEIGHTLOSS EDITION.

Given the current progress with the legislation, CMS must take steps to implement the negative update. 2003 doctors have faced cuts in their Medicare payments, but they never actually happened because eventual deals have always included what has become known as the fix, which reversed any cuts that took effect. But this year negotiations look and feel different to Corbett..

This article has Zucker and the Wild system backwards in my opinion. Have watched both for years and in the grand scheme of things, Zucker is one of the Wilds weaker defensive forwards. He was benched in the playoffs a couple years ago for poor defensive effort.

Start your day with a steaming bowl of oatmeal because it is full of Omega three fatty acids, folate and potassium. The steel oats or a more coarsely ground oatmeal is the healthiest choice as they take longer to go through the system, which can cut down on your snacking. This fiber rich food can lower levels of your LDL, which keeps your arteries clear.

Additionally, it will allow teams to establish clearer developmental paths for prospects selected in the second round. Yogi Ferrell, who played with the Nets earlier in the campaign, went undrafted this season due to his desire to avoid playing overseas. That kept him off a 15 man roster and denied his draft rights to teams looking to stash him in Europe.

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WARNING A Child’s Temperature Can Change Very Quickly and be Fatal.If the sun is really hot, a child should always be covered. Either with a cap on their head, or a long T shirt. Sunscreen can only do so much. ‘When you saw me offerin’ up a wee bit prayer just now, I see in ye’re eyes ye was a thinking that this silly old Welsh clod ‘opping country bumpkin who left school afore he was fourteen, believes there’s someone up there a listening to him. Well maybe there be, and may be there b’ain’t, but just you tell me this. If everything on this ‘ere Earth evolved unplanned, by odd mistakes keeping on creeping in on newborn things, an’ some of these being better than the original so they were more likely to survive and breed.

This will be finalised in August.Funding for other vanguards will be approved over the coming months.NHS England Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, said: “Led by doctors, nurses and other staff, as well as patients and community groups, the vanguards are being asked to radically redesign the way they provide care. The support package has been designed with and for the vanguards. It provides them with additional tools to move at pace and, importantly, to remove barriers that stop them from delivering the best possible care to patients.”Samantha Jones, New Care Models Programme Director, said: “A key focus of the support package is how we spread good practice between the vanguards, as well as across the wider NHS and social care community.

Start with The First Years Take and Toss Feeding Variety Pack, which has 28 different plastic pieces including four bowls, five snack cups, six baby forks, six baby spoons and seven sippy cups. Whether you’re using them at home or keeping some in your purse (what’s one more thing, right?), the car or at the grandparents’ house, these definitely come in handy. And the price is right, so you don’t have to fear forgetting these toddler essentials at day care or a recent playdate.

4 Degree Elite Fit System construction uses two elastics to provide better stretch and to keep your sock in place. Indestructawool is engineered to provide maximum comfort and durability. Mesh panels on the out step help provide added breathability.

“The Electric Reliability Coordinating Council is clearly disappointed that the deadlock over the bill could not be broken today,” said Scott Segal, director of that organization. “But we hope that continued work may yet yield legislative success.”The Senate marched toward passage of landmark legislation that would make it harder to erase medical bills, credit card charges and other debts by declaring bankruptcy. Democratic opponents were unsuccessful in making last ditch attempts to soften the bill’s impact and restrict practices of the credit industry that they said were especially hurting the poor..

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He rarely worked in the north end. Glancing sideways, he saw a fellow officer from the first car, Const. Kari Drake, on the grass nearby, her gun trained on Jones. Green now ranks among the NBA’s leaders in rebounding. He has become a starting power forward and powerful force for a championship ballclub that already had three, possibly four, of the sport’s brightest stars, and he is getting better by the hour. By the time the All Star Game rolls around in February, Green might belong in it..

Thank you yet again for adding value to this topic. :)I enjoy a good deal of listening to other languages. I have learned a tiny bit of Japanese from watching Anime, I have always had a strange attraction for the Russian language, I grew up around several native American Indian tongues (Hopi, Apache, Navaho, Mexican/Spanish and I am Cherokee/Scottish), my ancestry had given me a liking for all things Gaelic and Celt, I have many friends from my internet experiences that are of several of the Norwegian languages especially Dansk..

The fact is that Van Gundy is a superb basketball coach, and his focus on defense helped Howard evolve into one of the game finest players. That he was fired comes as no surprise to anyone. He all but sealed the deal when he announced in April that he knew for a fact Howard wanted him gone..

But on Genes Reunited I came across Sue, whose aunt was Mary Phonzer Maddy born 1882 in Pontypridd. Mary’s father was William Maddy born in Llyswen, Breconshire in 1812. On the 1861 census Ellen’s father Herbert is aged 47 and his place of birth is also given as Breconshire, so it looks possible that further back they might share a common ancestor.

NNo matter what you use to create, if you really love what you do, you will be able to do your best and share it with the world. You wished for this, don you? Now your dad is very present on your life and let me tell you, we going to be so fucking tight! You definitely gonna be a good boy, Djinn possessed the punk foster father and altered reality as the father turned into mean and fit hunk in his 40s working in gym instead of the abusive construction worker he was, giving him flexible time that he used to spend with his foster son. The beer gut amd shitty smell was gone and now he looked like every gym trainer who you wished to have your body looked like.

The agency has been at the forefront of a rushed effort to reunite the more than 2,500 separated children to adhere to a court order by Thursday. As of the end of last week, HHS had reunited 450 of the 2,551 children ages 5 to 17. The week prior was a judge mandated deadline to reunite the 103 children under age 5.

ethics watchdog says he was denied access to evidence in snc

I really don feel Larry King would appreciate a blogger being nasty and mean as you are. I get real tired of President Obama being belittled. If your are not one of these people then don worry, but leave me alone with your views!. Instagram launched several months after the iPhone 4, which had a pretty great display: http: wasn perfect nor did it hit sRGB, but still pretty darn good for photos. As you say, they didn color manage but they did a great job factory calibrating and selecting panels, and thus the lack of color management wasn really an issue in practice, at least when designing apps. This matching is not performed dynamically on the iOS device.

The time has come to acknowledge this art form in the world of fine art. This will be an exciting exhibition for the artists as well as the museum. Exhibiting artists who utilize this age old technique are conquering the contemporary arena of fine art.

The legendThe story of the caves where a young girl disappeared and a boy lost his mind became history for the tiny town of Mystie. Being so far away from other towns and not having much for the locals to discuss made the story famous. It was written into the town ledgers and discussed at town meetings.

I believe individual lenses matter more than the particular frame. If you have a larger face, you probably be more likely to take one of the Radars over the Flak Jackets. If you expect to switch lenses frequently, replacement lenses will be less expensive on the Flak Jackets than the Radars (or M Frames).

8, Fish gave his assurance.”If the feds are concerned about him, shouldn’t the Village of Oakley also be?” asked former trustee Francis Koski.But the police department doesn’t only bring a sense of comfort, it also brings in donations made to the village through the police fund, Fish said.Just last month the village was able to come up with around $22,500 in donations in a matter of days to fund the police department’s insurance through next year, trustees said Tuesday. Some of leftovers a little under $2,000 where then used to clean up a blighted area, Fish said.It’s those donations which put Oakley, a village of roughly 300, under scrutiny when it was revealed their police force had wealthy individuals and celebrities among their ranks as reserve officers.Some of those found on the list of reservists helped Oakley pay the bills by making donations to the department.The village kept the identities of its reserve force secret and would not surrender them to citizens or in response to an MCOLES subpoena until multiple lawsuits forced the release of reservist documents, including applications bearing the names of wealthy businessmen and celebrities such as Kid Rock.Fish said the village would “ride this month out” and then open discussion back up among the trustees to see whether they’d like to permanently rid the village of a police force or just make some changes.Fish would not say for certain if the police department will come back and, if it does, will contain Reznick, whose time as chief since 2008 saw the reservist list and donations swell.”It would be too early to think about what we’re going to do,” he said. “I really don’t think we’ll have a police department.”Federal raid and an absent chiefReznick’s Gaines Township home, which lay just outside of Genesee County’s Swartz Creek, was raided Oct.

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You’ll appreciate the one hand, self standing fold and the included carry strap that makes transporting simple. Color: Whitmore. Gender: Unisex. Posts that have received several user reports are auto removed and added to the moderation queue. FFAers (just like you!) report posts to assist us in catching rule breaking or repetitive content, and reapproval requires manual review. After gathering a lot of information (and a lot of new clothes), I wanted to do a bit of an overview of the clothes I wore on the trip, what I observedin terms of popular fashion, and then a lookbook with some of the items I bought while there.

Many campgrounds have areas that are open enough for sports, and the entire family can get involved. Think football, croquet, dodge ball, or catch. All these are simple and don’t require a lot of bulky equipment. Gay may be her own biggest critic, but she still won’t read Internet comments. She explains, “I think if you’re a person with an opinion on the Internet, you get shit. And if you’re a woman, well then, Whoa now, little lady, where do you get off thinking? So it’s not that I don’t want to engage or that I’m closed off to disagreement.

Can accommodate up to a 15.6 laptop , with access to your laptop through the top loading compartment or the side zipper. Imported. Zip closure. Here’s the thing about owning a sports franchise and, in particular, owning a franchise in New York: It is exactly like becoming a politician. The owner of a sports team is placed in charge of a public trust. And, in doing so, he must accept the attention and responsibility that comes with it..

Disponible, gratuit, l’glise, au Centre paroissial, 9, passage Rimbaut, Alsia Jeunes , 16 rue du Moulin Vert, il contient toutes les infos relatives la paroisse, lieux, horaires, adresses utiles, et la prsentation de toutes les activits, pour tous. Tablissements rattachs (c. Lire la suite.

Unscheduled Dental Care Managed Clinical NetworkThe Unscheduled Dental Care MCN is an NHS England managed clinical leadership advisory group. The purpose of the MCN is to facilitate patient centred care. It will provide assurance to the Local Dental Network (LDN), via the LDN chair, through advising on transformational change, improving clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness, equity of access, efficiency and offer parity of outcome in service delivery.The Unscheduled Dental Care Managed Clinical Network (UDC MCN) for Kent, Surrey and Sussex aims to provide a link between all stakeholders in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.