berkeley police department hires outside firm to review media policies

Dimensions: 7.5L x 7.5W x 10.5H in. Complements your Halloween theme. Lighted Halloween glass dome. Utensils Come in All Shapes and SizesI am happy to discover that my kitchen includes the essential utensils recommended by a professional chef. During my research, I discover that utensils come in all shapes, sizes, material, and price ranges. I find utensils made with steel, silicone, rubber, plastic, wood, and realize I have a lot of choices when it comes to utensils.

Last Volume in the Series: “Proust Complete Bilingual English / French Vol. 1 to 7.”Each English Volume is annotated and illustrated by P. Previously also translated as In Search of Lost Time is a novel in seven volumes, written by Marcel Proust (1871 1922).

You know, there’s storms. I’ve been to Florida, I see what happens there. People take risks. So now Al Qaeda has issued a fatwa against Musharraf himself. And you find suicide bombers rested against Musharraf you also find the same sort of threat against President Karzai in Kabul and against the Karzai regime just like you have the threat of the regime in Islamabad, so it all begins to come together. The United States is working on all these sides; they’re working with Musharraf to help him domestically.

46 50).4 Beauchamp and Childress go to far greater lengths to emphasise the importance of virtue ethics within principlism, with a chapter on moral character (pp. 30 56) and a substantial section on virtue theory (pp. 375 84).1 As they say in their preface to the seventh edition, ‘We have had a major commitment to virtue theory and moral character since our first edition and over the years we have expanded our discussion of these topics’.

Soon Foggy’s back out, and things hot up. Every time he pits, Michaela cleans his visor while he takes a drink of water. His outings are punctuated by discussions with the Michelin and Ohlins men, and mechanic Slick. 24 at Hilton Theater Former NBA star Antoine Walker’s casino debt case moves to district court Fire destroys vacant house near downtown Henderson Angle to FOX: “It’s nonsense” that she would get rid of Social Security Major GOP group starts ads against Reid Las Vegas to hit mid 90s today 10 minutes with UNLV guard Kendall Wallace Debtors’ prisons It’s not government’s job to innovate Deficit spending is never good for an economy Replace everyone in Congress for their bad decisions Punish the kids, yes, but parents aren’t blameless Long road to graduation: Faces of adult education Caesars Palace mulling change on dealer tips On who might line up to support Angle Lame duck? Jim Gibbons doesn’t think so Sunday, June 13 Coroner identifies 2 killed in Nye County crash Someone to Watch: Martha Banks Court to decide on special prosecutor in Nye County DA case Spirit Airlines cancels flights through Tuesday The questions, and the answers, from ‘Sgt. Simpson case Boise State accepts Mountain West Conference invitation Adult and topless pools make a splash in Vegas Company seeks bankruptcy after losing mortgage broker’s license 14 to graduate from Adelson Educational Campus in Summerlin 2010 2009 Dipak Desai pleads not guilty in hepatitis C case 2 suffer minor injuries in adult care home fire Macau casino sales rose 70 percent last week on junkets Slight chance thunderstorms for Las Vegas area Solotech blazes a trail of economic diversification in entertainment industry State presents spending plan to stabilize housing market Out with the old and in with the green retrofit From building boom to recessionary bust, local real estate market was a wild ride that went south The path we followed Q Curt Anderson It’s a gut feeling: Las Vegas office market is recovering Best and worst of Las Vegas’ tourism times on display during In Business’ lifetime On the move Analysis: Five programs a proactive Mountain West Conference should be looking at More women than ever making a splash in poker Lawmakers targeting businesses ducking employee taxes The oil spill worsens Republican divide opens door for Reid Lowden’s defeat, Angle’s victory, put in perspective Moderates will be disappointed with our Senate choices County considers plan to privatize airport firefighting force Candidates would rather not debate State promoting small scale urban solar development Without the free market, we rely on good intentions Wondering which candidate can sink the farthest Interview: Bill Clinton to Dems, ‘Never give up’ Home is where the crowds are Restaurant review: Veloce Cibo at M Resort worth a try Thursday, June 10 Breaking down UFC 115: Rich Franklin vs. 1 Damage estimate upped to $3 million in pallet yard fire Jim Rogers offers to lead Clark County School District for free Working on my moontan: Dip and Dance at Encore Beach Club Dirty Vegas: DJ/producer Paul Harris returns to the scene of the crime Meow: Kitty Dip premieres at Tao Beach Someone to Watch: Martha Banks The Karate Kid Room for improvement The Secret in Their Eyes Body of work Home is where the crowds are Those girls sound a lot like The Skooners .

berkeley hires law firm for probe of police chief

Dog bites or other animal attacks can cause serious and potentially fatal injuries to a person especially if the person is a minor. This makes it equally sensitive to injury. Unlike other parts of your body, the spinal cord does not have the ability to repair itself if it is damaged.

At Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia, guests might just be tempted to take a pet home with them. The staff works with a nonprofit organization called Saved Me to bring in animals from local shelters, allowing them to spend time at the hotel welcoming guests at check in and cuddling with them during the nightly wine hour. So far, thanks to the Palomar Pet Pals Program, six dogs that were having trouble finding homes have been adopted.

Consistent but not unbiased: Suppose you’re estimating $ sigma^2$. The maximum likelihood estimator is $$ hat{ sigma}^2 = frac{1}{n} sum_{i=1}^{n} (X_i overline{X})^2 $$ where $ overline{X}$ is the sample mean. It is a fact that $$ E( hat{ sigma}^2) = frac{n 1}{n} sigma^2 $$ herefore, $ hat{ sigma}^2$ which can be derived using the information here.

They expect you to play hard. They want to see a lot of effort from you. It can be tough. That being said, I find the finishing on the dial and hands to be a bit underwhelming for the price point. I maybe would consider saving up a tiny bit more and going for an Oris, if you insistant on getting a dive watch. But I really wanted a Seiko diver, so I ultimately happy I went with mine..

For the first time in the series, the RiverKings found themselves in a trailing position, and it wasn’t something they could overcome. Huntsville jumped out to a 1 0 lead midway through the first period when Sy Nutkevitched blocked a Donald Oliveri show springing the Havoc forward free for a shorthanded breakaway that he tucked past Tyler Green. Mississippi had their chances in the first period but couldn’t top goaltender Mike DeLaVergne, and the teams headed to the locker room with the RiverKings down 1 0..

OKC is bad in the third quarter. Here the reason why: Russ feels the need to take a lot of shots. After playing a well rounded game in the first half and putting up a 9 6 7 stat line and only taking eight or nine shots, Russ decides, gotta shoot more and proceeds to shoot a lot in the third quarter..

Appreciate it. And work on your self esteem issues. Everyone has them. After that last brook crossing, the mud kicked in and the bugs came out in full force. There were a few bugs on the lower part, but nothing unbearable. As soon as the canopy started to open up, the swarming started.

berkeley looks at new medical marijuana regulations

They did it several other times but not that strong. It was a punishment. That was in Fresno, Fresno, CA. She painted with colleagues, the French Impressionists including Claude Monet and Edgar Degas. Today, Cassatt paintings regularly command impressive prices on the art market. Many women artists studied with the great American masters including Elizabeth Grandin who studied with Ashcan School painter, Robert Henri.

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Sometimes their aim wasn’t true, but they had the right idea. After a few days, we reduced the number of pads. Once they have that down, we’ll begin moving the pads closer to the door. CleanUp! deletes EVERYTHING out of your temp/temporary folders, it does not make backups. If you have any documents or programs that are saved in any Temporary Folders, please make a backup of these before running CleanUp!. Run CleanUp! and click on the Options button.

Find ways to relax when you have down time. I realize that, for some of you, down time may seem to be impossible. Well I encourage you to make time for 2 hours of down time per week, minimum. Usually facial features can not be seen. Orbs in photos are of this type as well. The word “Orb”, from the Latin orbis ‘circle’, is another name for a round object, especially a disk or a sphere.

Made in Italy. Aviator silhouette is best for larger face shapes. Titanium frame is lightweight and durable. I think Wollongong will really appreciate it. Wollongong is our sole focus over the next few days. We want to deliver good food and a great customer experience”.

Desktops are also likely to go on sale in September. Last year saw dual core models for as little as $200 in September. If you want a high end desktop, you might want to wait until November, however, when Black Friday deals start to cut prices dramatically for holiday shoppers.

I already know I’m gonna love this kid more than I can hold in my body at once. I would just like a kind and helpful word or two in getting over an ingrained gender preference that’s sprung up from who knows where. [more inside]. It should have been 0/5, which the North wanted, but they couldn get the South to give it up, and had to compromise. 3/5. Full representation would have been total BS..

berkeley police chief defends hunt for son’s iphone

Get 1 long piece of wood (approx. 54x6x1/4 inches) and a second stout piece of wood (approx 16x4x2 inches). Attach an s hook to the stout piece of wood. Eid prayers were held in several mosques and open places. Special prayers were also offered for the freedom of Indian Occupied Kashmir as the government had called for celebrating Eid in a simple manner to express solidarity with Kashmiris. The main congregation was held at Markazi Eidgah.

Another VERY important note is that if you are using the provided spreadsheet Bill Of Materials there is an error on row 25. The Poly Cap listed is 150nF (nano farad). It should be 150uF (micro farad). But here the thing, I don expect my wife to do those things for me on Father Day because I don want to put that extra obligation on her. Is it not enough to ask to take care of the simple things I would normally be obligated for, without having to plan something extra on top of that? And then take on the added guilt if it not good enough? Like if your gift isn good enough, or your planned activity isn good enough. Any reasonable person would certainly appreciate the added extra effort, but maybe it not what they wanted at all, and therefore wasted effort..

He’s young, athletic, but also has a few years of experience under his belt. His outside shooting is something they’ve desperately searched for and he’ll be great on the break. What would Lewis cost the Bulls? At a minimum, Fizer and Crawford. After the publication in 1882 of The Story of Siegfried, he went on to write more than 50 others. At one time it was estimated that of all the school books in use in the United States, over half had been written or edited by him. He is best remembered for the books of introductory historical sketches he wrote for younger students and his retellings of the legends of heroes for older students.

In 2014, he said someone called him and claimed to be a federal agent, but Fish did not believe the person was being truthful. He did not answer questionsat that time.He said Wednesdayhethought it was strange federal investigators didnot contact village officials directly as part of any currentinvestigation.Fish said he is confident an investigation will reveal no wrongdoing.”There’s absolutely nothing,” he said when asked about the possibility of financial impropriety involving village funds.Since the hiring of Chief of Police Robert Reznick in 2008, the village has leaned on financial support via donations to the police department, some from police reserve officers, adding cash to the general fund and coveringthe cost of operating thepolice department.The village’s most recent budget anticipates about $13,000 in donations to the police fund, though Fish said he doesn’t expect any donations in 2015. Department of Treasury last week.”They called me and asked if they could ask me some questions,” he said.

berkeley police chief defends hunt for son

Frankfurt defines bullshit as speech that is not only deceptive and untruthful, but that is oblivious to its untruthfulness. It is speech that simply doesn’t care about being truthful, since it has other ends, such as selling products, political positions, or personalities. For example, the title of the divestment bill at Berkeley is “A Bill In Support of UC Divestment from War Crimes.” Now, every person of good will opposes war crimes.

These studying tricks I’ve made up are the only reason I have a 3.7 GPA despite ADHD. PLEASE look at these. They will save you. Walters, Diane D. Webber, Nancy Schultz Westphal, Jacob McKinley Wilson III, Michael G. Wynn, Mariella G. Facebook says it now employs 30,000 people who work on its safety and security practices, reviewing potentially harmful material and anything else that might not belong on the site. Still, the company is putting a lot of its faith in artificial intelligence and its systems ability to eventually weed out bad stuff without the help of humans. The new research suggests that goal is a long way away and some critics allege that the company is not making a sincere effort..

Natural selection. Or unnatural selection. I couldn’t decide which, so I focused on the daily needs of survival.. Having been a film critic for numerous years, television was not my thing. However, over the last couple of decades, I’ve increasingly filled my media diet with television. Back in the old days, I used to watch programs like “Hill St.

I’d imagine it works kind of like recording laws. Basically, you can record someone in their home or property without permission (in a two party consent state) only if you can see them freely without going out of your way or trying to see them. So, if you can see them from a sidewalk, you’re good, but if you need to stand on your tippy toes to see over a wall, you’re illegally filming..

Lewis, 43, has moved on and believes others have as well. He frequently returns to the city. He says he organized another Atlanta Super Bowl party two years ago when the Falcons lost to the Patriots in Houston. Worked most of the home games. The first couple of years it was pretty bad. But the rowdy ones have mellowed out and with the regular fans, they learning people come to the games to see football.

“Spider Man: Far From Home,” $238 million.2 . “The White Storm 2: Drug Lords,” $59.7 million.3 . “Toy Story 4,” $43.1 million.4 . He replied, “Have you ever heard of Nassim Taleb’s Black Swan Principle?” He explained that people once believed all swans were white, and had never conceived of a black swan simply because no one had ever reported seeing one. The metaphor suggests that we have endless assumptions about finite evidence. Outliers are rarely predicted, but always seen in hindsight as glaringly obvious.

berkeley police chief sends officer to reporter

Booing the man who made the basketball decision to join the teams biggest rival and essentially end the NBA season in July. We booing the man who dedicated 100 words to how much he loved the city that he spent eight years in. Booing the man who has no regrets and no remorse for his decision.

Suggested in 1904 that there was nothing for a boy than a small .22 caliber rifle at Christmas, while in 1910 Eaton listed air guns and small rifles as desirable Christmas for Lively Boys. Promoted the role of guns in bringing together father and son, allowing for bonding and the transfer of wisdom regarding how to be a man. Shooting was a way for a father to instil manly qualities, such as independence, self sufficiency and an ability to protect personal property.After the First World War, the marketing of toy arms, air guns and small calibre rifles to boys and youth continued.

I sure the world is interested in the deaths of famous people, ie: Whitney Houston, MIchael Jackson. BUT I am the mother of a soldier who has been fighting a war in Afghanistan for the past year. He wakes up and sees all the news about these people who clearly had drug problems and literally killed themselves.

You can go through these sites and then decide which one you wish to buy. There are so many varieties in it that it will be hard for you to select one. So properly go through and look for those that fall in your price range and budget.. Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison refutes the claims made by Rep. Michele Bachmann and four of her Republican colleagues in letters sent to government agencies calling for an investigation into potential Muslim extremists. Rep.

It holds lenses in precise optical alignment with a secure fit that eliminates the pressure points common with frames that hook the ears. Metal icons at temples. Glare reduction and tuned light transmission of Iridium lens coatings 6 base lenses are ideal for casual use, and provides clarity and peripheral sun protection.

Caracciolo himself died in December, and now his daughter Jacaranda is at the helm. She is also deeply fond of Torrecchia. “When you sit by the lake, with the irises in flower, looking at the water and the ruins, you lose all sense of time and space,” she said.

After Kim Kardashian released the secret phone call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift regarding his line about her in the song it’s looking like Taylor won’t be able to sue Kanye after all.Taylor Swift has lashed out at the founder of her old record label Big Machine, Scott Borchetta and Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, after Borchetta sold the label and all of its rights including Swift’s entire past six album catalogue to the talent manager.Braun previously represented Swift nemesis Kanye West and currently boasts acts including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato on his roster.In the latest stunning development, Borchetta has penned a blog posted on the Big Machine record label website titled It Time For Some Truth, in which he refutes Swift claims that she was not given prior warning of the deal.had every chance in the world to own not just her master recordings, but every video, photograph, everything associated to her career. She chose to leave, he writes.He also published a private text he says Swift had sent him in November last year, announcing her intention to leave Big Machine masters was very important to me, but I since realized that there are things that mean even more to me in the bigger picture. I had a choice whether to bet on my past or to bet on the future and I think knowing me, you can guess which one I chose, Swift wrote in the text.In a furious Tumblr post on Sunday, Swift, 29, accused Braun of being complicit with bullying she claims she suffered at the hands of West and Bieber, as well as blasting Borchetta business tactics regarding her first six records.Taylor Swift is not happy that Scooter Braun now owns her back catalogue.

berkeley police chief still facing criticism for late

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Happy Trails is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous quality control process. Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products. Read more.

The perfect sleeveless shirt for those warm summer days on the links. Moisture wicking Cooltron fabric features a stretch knit for. Full range of motion. Elliott Smith, Emporia, exhibited the champion Southdown ewe. Cody Coen, Elkhart, showed the reserve. The champion and reserve Suffolk breeding ewes were shown by Taylor Coen of Elkhart.

14.Bonnie Koski hasbeen a village resident for 40 years and raised herchildren there. She said sheattends the council meetings on a regular basis.A nonpartisan candidate, she is a paraprofessional for the Chesaning Union School Districtand amember of the Chesaning Union Auxiliary Local 04203, formerly as a steward and the vice president and now on the negotiating team. She is a 34 year member of the Mid Michigan Old Gas Tractor Association, serving as secretary in the past.

Pro Crepe rubber blend crepe outsole is lightweight and offers long lasting cushioning for superior comfort. Measurements: Heel Height: 1 1 4 in Weight: 9 oz Circumference: 10 in Shaft: 7 in Platform Height: 1 2 in Product measurements were taken using size 9 Toddler, width M. Please note that measurements may vary by size.

It has been common knowledge for some time that men are absent from the home. However, women are becoming absent from the home at an alarming rate. The good news is, however, that there is a trend toward women becoming intimately involved in the life of the family once again.

In taking questions from reporters, the attorney general also shrugged off the suggestion that Baker appears to have momentum in the race.”We have a great grassroots team,” she said. “We have called and e mailed and talked to so many people around the state. Kennedy III to decide soon on challenge to Senator Edward MarkeyA day at South Station: A gateway to Boston, an intersection of many different lives The blissful and bizarre world of ASMRThe last days of Jeffrey EpsteinPatriots’ Chase Winovich gets his motor runningWith two weeks left in NFL training camps, several teams still unsettled at quarterback7 foot 6 inch Celtic Tacko Fall’s unlikely journey to the brink of the NBABoston lost a powerful, poetic work when artist pulled his ‘Auction Block’ slave memorialWhy the Indians are a major threat to win the AL pennant.

berkeley police chief under fire for sending officer to reporter

7. “Whisper” by EvanescenceThe protagonist in this 2000 rock song by Evanescence resides in a dark psychological place. She is feeling isolated and severely depressed but claims she can will it away if she tries. I contacted him and i told him my problems and gave him all the necessary information he required. He just laughed and told me never to worry that my husband will call me back in less than 28hours and i believed and he told me what to do and i did it, and after he has finished casting the spell my husband called me and started begging. He apologized and came back to me crying for a second chance.

A new generation of NOAA weather radio receivers have a special feature called Specific Area Message Encoding, or SAME. All official watches and warnings broadcast by the NWS are preceded by unique digital audio codes that describe the type of warning and identify the county or counties being warned. With one of these SAME capable receivers you can program the receiver to alert you to warnings for specific counties so you won be bothered by warnings that will not impact your area..

If the website requires you to make an account to remove your information, do not do it. Instead, find an e mail address for the website and e mail them a request to remove your information. Provide a link to the information, if possible. Then came the Roberto Luongo retirement announcement Wednesday. The sting of a recapture penalty of $3,033.206 million applied annually to the Canucks salary cap over the next three years was crippling. Add $1,033,333 in each of the next two seasons for buying out the contract of under performing winger Ryan Spooner, and a good chunk of what it would take to add a name winger has vanished..

She has my coloring, wears the measuring tape around her neck, has a dozen or so pins stuck to her shirt, and a couple hanging out of her mouth. That one would probably benefit from oil of olay or some such cream.I wonder should she be put out to pasture? NO how, No chance. Life should start right NOW.Now is a good time.

Not long afterward, Cary Poole notes in “A History of Railroading in Western North Carolina,” “the first fatalities occurred. In 1880, 14 men died on Saluda,” as a train lost its breaks and sped to a crash, “and other deaths quickly followed. In 1886 nine more died; in 1890 three died; and in 1893 another three lost their lives.”.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. Daughter, Valentina Dixon, was a baby when her father went to prison. She brought her 14 month old twins, Ava and Levi, to court from their Columbus, Ohio, home.definitely going to go shopping and go explore life, she said.

berkeley police chief used officers to search for son

Police say 56 year old Johnny R. Wiggins of the 8100 block of Beatty Street was walking eastbound on the shoulder of the roadway when he was struck by Ford Sedan leaving a parking lot westbound on E. Little Creek Road. I first met Wakana last April, just weeks after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and huge tsunami devastated Japan’s northeast Pacific coast. The school year begins in April here in Japan, and Wakana was carrying her new, shiny red school backpack as she visited her father at a temporary graveyard that housed those who died from the tsunami. She gracefully bowed to her dad, showing off her new bag and her dress she wore for the first grader’s ceremony as if she were at a ball, and told him that she just attended her school for the first time.

Vented lenses increase airflow to prevent fogging and help keep you cool. Fits small to large. A good fit for women. Were trying to stay focused in the clubhouse and I was able to get a couple of hacks in the cage, which helped me stay loose, Muno said. Could tell that we needed something to go our way and I was fortunate enough to get that two strike knock. The eighth, the Hurricanes responded with back to back RBI singles to trim the deficit to 5 3.

NDTV is only transmitting the Material and is not responsible for editorial control over it. By submitting Material to the Service you grant NDTV a world wide, non exclusive, sub licensable, assignable, fully paid up, royalty free, perpetual and irrevocable license to use, copy, publicly perform, display, distribute in any media and modify the Material to incorporate the Material into other works, and to grant similar sublicenses to the extent necessary for NDTV to provide the Service. You may be able to adjust this grant in the privacy and other settings of the Service..

GinCatherine M. And Thomas J. Gintjee, IIIThomas J. Mike Echo. Oscar Victor Echo Romeo. Tango Hotel Echo. Sheehan. Boundary: B. Gibbins, A. Indiana outrebounded New York 41 30 and went to the line 30 times, making 22, to the Knicks’ 9 for 14 performance on free throws. More importantly, the Pacers never let the Knicks make a game of it late in the fourth quarter a big difference from the first three thrilling games that all went down to the wire. This one, by comparison, was rather lackluster.

Bad news? Yes. The last thing Blair wants at this stage is for the impression to spread among Labour’s traditional supporters that he is heading for another landslide victory. That will immediately increase the danger that Labour supporters who opposed the war will feel they can afford to sit this election out or vote for the anti war Liberal Democrats without risking letting in the Conservatives..

berkeley police department appoints new spokesperson

This method takes me forever, but it will work. Creamy peanut butter on a rag or paper towel, rubbed slowly and gently will eventually loosen the sticker or tape to a mucky film that you can then gently scrape off with a fingernail. I am unsure if it’s something special in the oil, but it does work if you have the patience for doing this..

Journal of Biological Physics, 44(1), 53 80. [More Information]Liu, R., Lo, L., Lay, A., Zhao, Y., Ting, K., Robertson, E., Sherrah, A., Jarrah, S., Li, H., Zhou, Z., Hambly, B., Jeremy, R., Bannon, P., Vadas, M., Gamble, J., et al (2017). ARHGAP18 Protects Against Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Formation by Mitigating the Synthetic and Pro Inflammatory Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype.

QuesTek began doing mainly research and contract work for the government. After a difficult slog, the business is profitable on $5 million in annual sales. QuesTek’s focus today is persuading the Air Force to use one of its superstrong stainless alloys to replace airplane landing gear coated in toxic cadmium.

And Hall, Roy A. (2016) Virulence and evolution of West Nile Virus, Australia, 1960 2012. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 22 8: 1353 1362. Kirkham (2004) discovered women wished for continuity within the services they received, reporting that they rarely saw the same midwife and it was impossible to choose which midwife attended them during labour and birth. She discussed how the environment made it complicated to have a traditional birth in a hospital setting that is heavily medicalized. Within this setting the woman is subject to dehumanizing procedures carrying many health risks.

“My favorite thing about this show is that I feel like it parallels my life,” said McGrath, who also played the sharp shooting Oakley in the Not So Common Players production in Clifton Park in 2004. “I am such a country girl. I love riding horses, I love shooting guns.

It would entitle the plaintiff to have a decree or ex parte. If the cover is not returned to him or returned to him later on. It best to take a little time to find the best dropshipping business ideas. There was Michael Jackson’s hit about the rat from the movie Flowers for Ben Algernon (actually, they mean the movie Ben), which is about the Death of a Salesman. John found it to be a Long Day’s Journey Into Night and Merlin adds that it was an Ibsen of A Doll’s House. It is a Hot El Baltimore.

Washington Democrats are also in the hunt for a star. Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor beloved by Cambridge liberals, may fit their bill, partly because Senate Republicans are blocking her appointment as head of a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Warren would have some catching up to do; she gets 32 percent of the vote against Brown and most voters don know she is..