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I was prepared for one of the guys to have to fix my problems and I was disappointed but low and behold, it was okay. Dave looked at the reports and I explained what went wrong and he said, “that’s fine, those SKUs are out of date anyways, and it actually would not change anything. Thanks for the report.”.

For younger babies, the Bravo LE Stroller accepts the Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip Infant Car Seat with click in attachment via the child tray. The stroller seat and backrest detach easily in one piece, along with the canopy, leaving behind a lightweight frame stroller for the car seat. It’s just as easy to reattach so older babies can switch back and forth between car seat and stroller seat.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators said they do not believe the actors knew they were sheltering a fugitive. “He had been at that apartment and hanging out with those people since New Year’s Eve,” said Sheriff’s Investigator Bill Gaynor. “I don’t have any belief that these people harbored him.

Benefits of Eating Meat: A Counter ArguementUnlike plant material, meat doesn’t require mastication (chewing). Of course everyone chews their food but that old saying your mom fed you about chewing your food is particularly important for vegetarians and vegans because if you don’t chew thoroughly, you don’t break the cells up to access the nutrition inside. If you swallowed a grape it’d come out more or less the same way it went in.

Then, one night when he was about six months old, while we were reading Charlotte’s Web together before bed, my daughter said to me, wistfully: wish I had a baby pig instead of a baby person. Reading together had already begun to do its deep and secret work. White, cover illustration by Garth Williams.

On November 10, 1922, Irish Free State forces raided the Barton home in Glendalough, where Childers was staying. He had in his pocket a .32 caliber, Spanish made semi automatic pistol yes, the same gun that had been given him by Michael Collins. He was taken before a court martial and, on November 20, convicted of possessing a firearm in violation of the Emergency Powers Resolution and condemned to death..

It remains unclear whether the administration will appeal some of these rulings, and if so, whether the Supreme Court would intervene. Heinzerling noted that given the Supreme Court’s more conservative tilt, there is a chance it would rule differently from the lower courts. But she added that several setbacks involve “really plain administrative law,” which is less a matter of ideology than “pretty basic errors.”.

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The Surface Go has plenty of drawing apps and all you need to do is open up one of them with the stylus to feel the full effect. It feels like a real pen or pencil. Press harder on the screen and you’ll notice the “ink” that appears is slightly darker, use a lighter touch and you’ll get a lighter look, ideal for shading.

His debate performance was not only his strongest, but also the strongest of any Clinton challenger to date. He slammed her from the right on national security (making him more difficult for Republicans to attack), but on domestic policy, he reached out to the base. He argued that “we restored voting rights to 52,000 people, we decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The pain associated with Chondromalacia is often dull and aching in quality, but occasionally may be sudden and sharp. Stairs or squatting). Pain may be associated with a grating or popping sensation of the knee. What I thought was edgy entertainment, like a musical meme, is actually really offensive to a lot of people and could cause serious upset to the families of the victims. I was at such a low point, feeling like nobody cared, that I didn think about the pain it could bring people. I would never make something like that now..

The SES has advised Casterton residents not to walk, ride or drive through the floodwater, keep children away and to stay well clear of waterways, stormwater drains and fallen power lines. Sandbagging was under way and a community relief centre set up at the Casterton town hall on Saturday. The Glenelg River last flooded Casterton in 1996.

That said, with some research I think you can get a sense of the relative value of different books. I’m no expert in the antiquarian book trade, but I’d suggest the for sampling the data. Remember that the results you see represent current asking prices for other copies in other people’s hands, not prices that anyone is laying on the barrelhead for your grandfather’s copies.

By looking for cheap clothes online, you can get designer clothes at affordable prices. This means that it is possible for you to appear fashionable without having to strain your budget. As you may realize, looking for clothes online can even be better than shopping for clothes at department stores.

Spurs were made to pay for their profligacy when Wednesday registered their first away win of the season courtesy of Niclas Alexandersson’s 38th minute strike. Gerald Sibon lobbed into the box, Wim Jonk layed the ball off and Alexandersson buried his sixth goal of the season and his third in as many games. Wednesday were thankful for a miss by Chris Armstrong just after the hour when the Spurs striker somehow contrived to put the ball wide from just eight yards out.

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Stress can destroy a person’s health in every aspect. Stress is dangerous for the heart. And, stress is dangerous for the emotional, mental, and/or physical parts of someone. When you’re comparing condos for sale, consider the amenities offered. Does the complex have a pool? Is it heated? Are there tennis courts? Is a membership in a country club or golf course included? Does the complex include boat slips or a dock? The amenities provided with any condominiums for sale should match your interests. For example, if you don’t play golf, membership in a golf course will offer you little value..

If he not, then he won the meantime, do your own thing. Meet other people, go out and have fun, live your life. No one is worth the stress and worry that you imposing on yourself.With few exceptions, always be honest with potential dating partners. I am 15 years old, and I dont have a very big head. I want to buy oakleys and someone told me I should get asian fit because it would fit my head better. I am not asian. I have pretty much every white culture in my blood. I looked on the Oakley website and it showed how they are different. Are there any white people who use asian fit? I dont want them sliding off my face, but I dont want them ti squish my head and have the lense right on my eyes.

9, re imagined by Stephen Vasse Hansell); Simon Levy’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” (Nov. 14 Dec. The latest buzzword, though, has a bit of weight to it (literally). The phrase “dadbod” has cropped up a few times over the last month, but since a piece in The Cut on Thursday, the internet began buzzing with enthusiasm for the unsculpted, imperfect, dad type builds of middle aged guys. It sounds ridiculous, maybe even pathetic, but the dadbod is good news for the average guy..

Prizm lens technology is fine tuned for enat meet or exceed ANSI standards for impact resistance and clarity. Prizm lens technology is fine tuned for enhanced contrast on the course (please see name for details). Polarized lenses reduces glare for added clarity.

“It will never be off my back,” he said. “That’s something that will live with me forever. But today is a special moment for this team and hopefully will give belief to generations of players that follow because they can see what is possible in life.

Try spending time staring at the ocean or looking at a log fire. Take a long, slow bath. Just close your eyes and let the ideas begin to flow.. HypderAdapt technology delivers weather resistance, mobility, and comfort. HyperShield fabric blocks out the elements like wind and water, for enhanced protection on the course. High collar.

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It the bride day and there had much better be the photographs to demonstrate it when the day is completed. As part of your preparations, you should have a checklist on the pictures the bride considers mandatory. The vows, the initial kiss, chopping the cake, throwing the rice, obtaining from the limo before the church and any friends and family members she wishes photographs of..

Sometimes, you get a shit appraiser having a shit day that shows up on a shitty rainy day. The place we in escrow appraised $70K below the lowest offer received by the sellers. We disagree with a lot of what the appraiser used as comps and he didn do any time adjustments and claimed the Bay Area to be “stable” market over the last year..

I will definitely keep what you said in mind though, I been meaning to write down a series of ideas I want to pursue through my education. My hope is that having it written down will help keep it from wandering in my mind, freeing up space to handle my workload. Haha.

I remained an admirer of much about O’Reilly senior, if aware also of his shortcomings. Above all, I believe that he had a genuine love for newspapers and for their role in society, even if at times other papers within the group did things to curry favour with their proprietor’s perceived political and business interests. I addressed some of this in my book Who Really Runs Ireland? His loss of control of IN where his family’s shareholding is now less than that of Denis O’Brien’s, must have proven particularly hard for him..

This meat did not have a strong gamey taste. I fed the leftovers to my children, and they ate it with no complaint. They may have been tickled by the fact they were eating those pesky creatures that leave little land mines all over park lawns, but who cares.

Federal law prevents any member of Congress from receiving a starting retirement annuity of more than 80% of his or her final salary. That alone makes clear that no member of Congress is able to collect 100% of their salary if they do not serve more than one term regardless of why they did not serve more than one term. A retired member of Congress can never collect more than 80% of their final salary prior to retiring ever..

Decorative strap at heel and a functional zipper at side. Soft textile lining ensures an abrasion free environment for all day wear. EVA foam footbed massages the foot with each and every step. (Privacy Policy)Facebook AdsThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)Amazon Unified Ad MarketplaceThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)AppNexusThis is an ad network.

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So, say we get people that have been previously uninterested in classical to listen to some great pieces. Some will probably be enchanted and demand to hear more. Some will say that “it was OK but not really their thing”. We acknowledged some of them already and we fixed them, but some of the other things and I not going to go into detail, because we will once we fix them we will make this right. The Globe also reported that the numbers don add up on your federal account reports, which show far more money being spent than taken in without reporting a deficit. You paid your sister close to $30,000 to manage that account.

Childs left at halftime to fly back to New York. He’s expected to play Saturday at Washington. Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin was courtside. Significantly, the pseudo lefts have also backed Washington’s provocations against Russia elsewhere. In 2014, Socialist Alternative lined up behind the US orchestrated coup that ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who was supported by Moscow. Just as it identifies the US regime change operation in Syria as a “popular revolution,” so Red Flag characterised the neo fascist led forces that toppled the democratically elected Ukrainian government as “revolutionaries,” and condemned “Russian aggression” in the civil war that followed..

The lone selection who even came close to the quick playmaker mold in the first round of the 1992 draft was the Clippers’ Randy Woods, the No. 16 overall pick. And Cooper, who may have been the quickest guard in the draft, didn’t go until the ninth pick in the second round..

You can also get all spare parts that might be needed for any fireplace in case you need to do some replacements. There are qualified people who can be of help in installing all these fireplaces as well as to repair in case maintenance is required at any given time. You must make sure that in case your Napoleon antique stove requires servicing; only get qualified personnel to do it for you.

It consists of a pair of drums the Tabla and the Bayan and is made of wood. It’s top is made of stretched animal skin. The drums have round black spot, at the top centre, which produces the sound, or the beats. N n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n NBA Draft rumors: What happens at No. 2? Ja Morant, surprise pick or trade all on table n NBA Draft rumors: What happens at No. 2? Ja Morant, surprise pick or trade all on table n n n n n n NBA n n n 05 /15 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n SN Illustration n n n n n n n NBA Draft lottery 2019: Zion Williamson best (and worst) possible landing spots n NBA Draft lottery 2019: Zion Williamson best (and worst) possible landing spots n n n n n n NBA n n n 05 /14 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n Vince Carter, 42, says he return for 22nd NBA season n Vince Carter to play 22nd season n n n n n n NBA n n n 04 /30 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n NBA wrap: Pistons clinch final playoff spot with big win over Knicks n NBA wrap: April 10 n n n n n n NBA n n n 04 /11 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n NBA wrap: Warriors secure West top spot in last regular season game at Oracle Arena n NBA wrap: April 7 n n n n n n NBA n n n 04 /08 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n NBA wrap: Magic put on stunning offensive performance, move up in playoff race n NBA wrap: April 5 n n n n n n NBA n n n 04 /06 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n NBA wrap: Russell Westbrook makes history; Warriors stay ahead of Nuggets n NBA wrap: April 2 n n n n n n NBA n n n 04 /03 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n NBA wrap: Trae Young makes improbable game winner as Hawks take down Bucks n NBA wrap: March 31 n n n n n n NBA n n n 04 /01 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n Dewayne Dedmon injury update: Hawks center (ankle) shut down for rest of season n Dedmon shut down by Hawks n n n n n n NBA n n n 03 /31 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n NBA wrap: Kyrie Irving game winner lifts Celtics past Pacers in Boston n NBA wrap: March 29 n n n n n n NBA n n n 03 /30 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n Josh Hart injury update: Lakers G (knee) ruled out for remainder of season n Josh Hart out for season n n n n n n NBA n n n 03 /28 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n NBA wrap: Bucks top Rockets; Clippers clinch playoff spot n NBA wrap: March 26 n n n n n n NBA n n n 03 /27 /2019 n n n n”,” n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n Pelicans owner Gayle Benson addresses rumors that team could move to Seattle, other markets n Pelicans owner addresses rumors n n n n n n NBA n n n 03 /25 /2019 n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Getty Images n n n n n n n Hawks Trae Young on game winner vs.

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There are scores of benefits to above ground swimming pools! In the summer, I’m in mine every day. When the kids aren’t around, there’s nothing more relaxing than bringing the radio outside and floating around in the sun in the warm, soothing water. I also use the pool for exercising.

Changes to the eligibility criteria from the protocol occurred in the first weeks of the trial. These were prompted by feasibility (ethics were approved for only one region rather than nationally thereby significantly reducing the number of potential participants), by local cultural issues, high rates of distress of those above the age limit but wanting to join the trial and restricted health services for this target group. Sixteen participants without recent suicidal ideation but meeting all other criteria were included (n=16) in the trial from 19/09/2013, shortly after trial initiation.

Everyone reading this knows how I feel about Obamacare. As I have from the day it was enacted, I will continue encouraging and supporting efforts by our Idaho congressional delegation and many others to repeal and replace the law. But the fact remains that for now and for the foreseeable future it is the law.

Supergroups reunite: On July 1 Lehigh University’s Stabler Arena in Bethlehem will host the original Bad Company, touring for the first time in 20 years. Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell and Simon Kirke are supporting a two CD “anthology” with unreleased tracks and four songs recorded last year. Last month the band played a pay per view concert with Rick Derringer and Edgar Winters..

Be careful to look through the bundle as sometimes the outer leaves look nice and green but the inside leaves may be discolored and limp. Most stores rinse their greens to remove larger portions of the dirt. They are usually placed in the area of the Produce department under water misters.

INF Tim Beckham hit a two run, wind aided home run, his first of the spring. He finished 2 for 3 with four runs batted in and two runs scored. “It’s nice to see Beck. Crime doesn’t pay. That lesson, taught to many of us by after school specials, takes on a graver twist in the crime narratives presented by the TDCJ. For example, in 1982, after Larry Anderson abducted 28 year old Zelda Webster from Shelee’s Club, a bar in Houston that Webster managed, he stabbed her to death and stole $1,000 from the club, which he put in his truck.

In this fairy tale for children of all ages, the impossible becomes possible. Portentia and her family live as poor farmers. The children at school dont want to play with her because she is poor. With sturdy, all steel construction, rugged air tires and wooden stake sides, this classic red wagon is built to handle adventures. Both on and off road. The All Terrain Wagon combines a classic design with the added benefit of 10 rugged air tires designed to provide a smooth ride on any terrain! This wagon also features an extra long handle that folds under for storage, and a controlled turning radius to prevent tipping.

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“The Secret Life of Pets 2,” $4.8 million ($22.4 million international).8 . “Men in Black International,” $3.6 million ($3.7 million international).9 . “Avengers: Endgame,” $3.1 million ($1.3 million international).10 . They have an uncanny ability to smell out a lie on a gut level. Their Totem Animals include the Bald Eagle for its keen vision, the Industrious Ant, the Worker Bee and the Barking Terrier for its willingness to stand up to much large opponents and hold it ground. Its Freudian Style/Object Relations Group is Retentive/Frustrating: Types 1, 4 7..

The quality of the product has no relation to the mark up what so ever. The lens choices you get are terribly limited, no warranty on the product unless you buy the extended warranty (exception being CA where you get the warranty automatically if you buy lenses with AR). The part that bugged me though was that they didn value real optical knowledge.

Asked how it differ from legislation introduced earlier by Sen. Marv Hagedorn, R Meridian, Sen. Curt McKenzie, R Nampa, said, I think was an earlier version of a lot of things that are in this bill, but this is a more comprehensive rewrite. How perfect! I definitely needed to read this. I came off FB because it was helping m hone my procrastination skills, and my life requires less of that skill. My creative endeavors are some of what i like best about my life, but they do require that meditative “procrastination” that may not seem productive to the untrained eye ; ).

2011 was in many ways a brutal year for press freedom. It signalled a new frontier in the fight against censorship. Whilst the internet and social media arguably helped forge unprecedented levels of involvement in the dissemination of information amongst journalists, bloggers and ordinary citizens, government attempts to muzzle dissenting voices also spiked.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the group ended up at a nightclub. After several hours and three or four servings of Remy Martin cognac, Lewis led the group out of the bar and down the street toward his waiting limousine. On the way he heard some of those lagging behind him encounter five or six strangers, he said.

Kaz potion produces better stats but you need to play a under statted minion first. None of these restrictions apply for UI. And you can have 2 UI per deck.. “We want to be known as a hard and aggressive team at the ball and keep that aggression going while playing good, basic footy. “It has been a long pre season and the season has come up quickly and you think where has the timegone. But now we are ready.” Chatfield has new faces James Richards (Sebastopol), Tony Weetra (Dennington), Brad Rees (Russells Creek), Matthew Kenny (Geelong) and Courage Hukatai (Allansford) at his disposal for the ladder battle.

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Followers are different to leaders in that they follow the loudest and most frequent voice. They tend not to link about the capacity to lead so much as respond to the loudest noise, the most frequent action, etc. Cain argues that over the past century there has been a shift in society, from a culture of character to a culture of personality.”.

One of the ways to make sure that the good people aren interested is to post it in a kind of obscure place, with the timelines and stuff that has anybody who is serious and who could seriously be a good candidate saying who wants that anymore?’ agrees a search like this cannot be done quickly. People by and large aren looking for jobs. You got to go out and hunt them, find them.

Moore’s controversial actions regarding sex crimes continued long after the alleged incidents with teenage girls transpired. In 16 cases involving alleged sex offenders between 2013 and 2016, Moore sided with the alleged perpetrators over the prosecutors and the alleged victims on 13 of those occasions. While he was siding with the majority view of the Supreme Court’s nine judges on three of those occasions, he was dissenting from them on 10 other occasions..

The goal of the present study was to examine the role that maternal attributions play in predicting treatment outcomes for families of children with ADHD. Specifically, we examined if maternal attributions at the beginning of a psychosocial intervention predicted successful completion of treatment, as well as statistically significant and reliable change in maternal functioning following treatment. Participants included 41 families seeking services for their child from a university based ADHD clinic; 31 of whom completed treatment.

From my own experience as a martial artist, I can tell you that if you are so inclined, that the easiest rib to break is the floating rib at the bottom of the rib cage. In most street fights, it’s a game ender without having to do much else after that. While there is some truth to the shuto, chop to neck, doing some damage to an opponent, I can’t imagine a set of circumstances where this would be used regularly and practically outside of a tournament or a competition.

To add a bit more color, opt for a navy saddle golf shoe like the G/FORE Saddle Gallivanter and a glove with subtle details like this Palm Golf Co. Stars and Stripes glove. Shop the look now:. , money laundering and related offenses. Also indicted were the four LLCs that owned the warehouses, which face the same charges, absent the money laundering counts. Atty.

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Spoelstra has repeatedly said that he doesn think a few minutes of rest, in any particular game, matter all that much to the wear and tear on a player. In an unprecedented, compressed season like this, however, there has to be a cumulative effect. At worst, Miami will secure a second seed in the East this season.

Light in a Burning Glass introduces readers to the distinctive synthesis of theological reflection and everyday faith that characterizes the life and theology of Austin Farrer (1904 1968), a man widely considered to be the most important Anglican theologian of the twentieth century. Often quoted for isolated insights but rarely appreciated for his depth and coherency, Farrer is a theologian who, according to Robert Boak Slocum, is fascinating to consider but difficult to master. In this survey and explanation of the Anglican leader’s prodigious output and complexity of thought, Slocum sorts through Farrer’s many writings to articulate his theological vision.Slocum delves into Farrer’s treatises, essays, lectures, correspondence, and reviews in an exploration of his three primary areas of theological concern: pastoral, biblical, and philosophical.

In fact, the refocusing of evangelical activism could actually be good for the party. In the next GOP presidential primaries, candidates may not face the same rigid litmus tests on social issues as Romney did. A candidate closer to the center of American public opinion one, say, who accepts current laws on gay marriage and supports comprehensive immigration reform might even survive the nomination process and get elected..

0.27 oz. Made in USA. WHAT IT DOES Notes of Sicilian Bergamot paired with glistening Verbena open the fragrance with a sophisticated, radiant glow that sparkles. Ignatius, Dawn L. Ingram, Joshua Daniel Ittenbach, Jerrica Nicole Iverson, Mitchell Dean Jacobs, Dana Marie Jenkins, Theresa Lynn Johnson, Stephanie Suzanne Johnson, Jenna Lynn Johnston, Alexander Wayne Jordan, Jessica Elcanah Jose, Ginger L. Kalinski, Benjamin Gregory Kampschroer,.

Apart from being more stylish, these premium glasses vastly improve the 3 D viewing experience, manufacturers claim, because they’re lighter, more comfortable and employ advanced optics to filter out reflections and other distractions that can cause eye strain. Theaters, has “certified” Marchon’s glasses and is working with Marchon’s parent company, the eyewear insurance giant VSP based in Rancho Cordova, to develop prescription 3 D glasses. By next year, consumers who are getting prescription lenses could opt for a 3 D version (at an extra cost, of course)..

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An assurance engagement is any engagement that increases the level of confidence of third parties and management towards the outcome of an evaluation or measurement of a set of financial statements in accordance with the criteria of the financial reporting standards. This term usually refers to an independent audit. A non assurance engagement is therefore an engagement that doesn’t impact on the level of confidence in the validity of the financial statements.

“I think that the things that we are working on in testing seem to be going very well,” Dixon said. “I think that we posted some pretty stout numbers without running it past three quarter track. It seems like the car is kind of set up soft and it still seems to be running as good as we ran at the end of the season..

Employee assured him that she had to the head of proactive apparently the driver rider supply team that monitors the UberEats marketplace double confirmed like we need to get the orders pumping again! she added.In another text exchange, an UberEats employee insisted the radius reduction was a glitch that will happen again adding going to make this work, Tony Plunkett simply replied: broke. To Mr Plunkett, at times his restaurant would be invisible in the app while Dr Dough Donuts, which shared his premises, would be visible.Dr Dough owner Geoff Bannister declined to weigh in on Mr Plunkett claim, saying only that he was careful to never make his business too reliant on delivery services like UberEats or Deliveroo.we doing probably 15 per cent of what we were doing in that first six months on UberEats, Mr Bannister said.biggest is our physical presence, we use (delivery) more as a marketing tool to get us out there. I probably be very cautious with any platform.

4. Analyze the TitleThe title can give you useful insights into the topic of the poem. Sometimes, the title is just a word or a name and the meaning is obvious. That is saying a lot, because I have a traditional old world potato salad that I recreated from memory that my grandmother used to make and which was always everyone’s favorite at my house. Now they have all changed ship to speak and this is their ‘new’ favorite. Although I do make the other one every once in a while, this recipe definitely is a keeper!.

In addition to this, we argue that ‘integrity’ and ‘practical wisdom’, two important concepts in the virtue ethics literature, are not sufficiently represented within the NHS Constitution values. We believe that the NHS Constitution values could be strengthened by providing clearer definitions, and by integrating ‘integrity’ and ‘practical wisdom’. This will benefit values based recruitment strategies.