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In Burgos, she found insurance policies for ships bound for whaling in the “Gran Baya” of Terranova in the 16th century. In Valladolid, she scoured through hundreds of lawsuits, reading about old grudges in old Spanish, like the 30 year battle one captain waged when he claimed that a rival had stolen a dead whale his crew had left tied up in a cove for safe keeping. In Oati, she found a treasure trove of records for specific ports, detailing financing, crews and equipment, like the thousands of tiles packed on board to build roofs over shore ovens..

Other former teen offenders still are waiting for a chance at resentencing in states and counties that have been slow to address the court ruling, an earlier Associated Press investigation found. In Michigan, for example, prosecutors are seeking new no parole sentences for nearly two thirds of 363 juvenile lifers. Those cases are on hold until the Michigan Supreme Court, which heard arguments in October, determines whether judges or juries should decide the fate of those inmates..

Most of the time our country only sees these people as potential slave labour for factories. But suddenly, once you start throwing around the words and pampered white rich girls from the West flock in like fairy god mothers. PLEASE! If we are suddenly going to acknowledge that these people are human we should be doing something to improve their quality of life instead of getting all up in their business and flicking out index fingers at them..

Most secret agents are plucked from the ranks of the boy/girl Scouts ,so be aware of anyone trying to sell you cookies as they probably have a hidden agenda.Most Secret agents like cheese.Most secret agents tuck their shirts into their underwear (which leaves a very visible panty line)this is usually a big giveaway and the main reason so many agents died during the cold war(that and hypothermia).A secret agent’s preferred weapon is a silenced Walther PPK 22mm but some have been know to use household objects like dustpans and the ever available cheese grater.As i said earlier most secret agents like cheese but some are lactose intolerant and prefer fruit after dinner.A double agent is one that has a doppelganger or at least someone that looks quite similar(sometimes they are related like the boys from Hanson)Israeli secret agents are called Mossad because they like to hide on rocks.Although most secret agents like cheese most prefer it in it’s natural state and not cooked (like on Pizza’s)If you are accosted by a secret agent the best line of defence is to remove your back pack and place it on your head to try and make yourself look taller.If you are already tall or large and have a Mexican sombrero you could try using that.I hope I’ve been of help.peace and be careful out there.theinsurancequeenposted 8 years agoTo become an insurance agent the first step you would want to do is to get your insurance license for your state. This way your licensed and ready to be hired. I suggest you get your Property Casualty First, then Life Health, and then your Securities License.

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