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Without family planning information and services, these women lack the power to make their own decisions about whether, when or how often to become pregnant.And this amounts to a violation of their rights affirmed through international agreements and resolutions dating back as far as 1968.We have ample evidence of how a lack of agency negatively impacts a woman’s health and well being. But there is also abundant evidence of an economic impact as well.Societies where women have the power to make decisions about the timing and spacing of pregnancies and in other aspects of their lives also tend to be more prosperous, equitable and resilient.Twenty five years ago, at the International Conference for Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo, 179 governments recognized the importance of agency in sexual relations and promised to empower women and girls in every aspect of life to enable them to chart their own futures.Central to the ICPD’s Programme of Action was a commitment to achieve universal sexual and reproductive health and to protect every woman’s right to make her own decisions about the timing and spacing of pregnancies.Since then, the world has made impressive gains in bolstering agency, particularly through expanding access to contraception. Still, there are hundreds of millions of women and teenage girls who have been left behind, especially in poor, rural or marginalized communities.We cannot accept defeat.

For rolls, shape the paste into balls about the size of a small egg and place them in a pan to rise. To make cinnamon buns, spread the dough half an inch thick with a rolling pin and sprinkle it generously with sugar, cinnamon, butter or margarine. Curl the sheet up like a jelly roll and cut it into slices one half to three quarters of an inch thick.

And that a shame, because this is a great talent. This kid got great gifts, you know . I just think it time to grow up. That is such an awesome photo, and the colorization is perfect.She toured with Buffalo Bill around America and Europe showing off her shooting skills. In 1890, she was doing a show in Berlin, and during the show she would shoot the ashes off of someone cigar (usually her husband was the volunteer). This time, Wilhelm II (the German Kaiser) stepped up to be the volunteer, and she successfully shot the ashes from his cigar.When WWI came about, Oakley realised that if she had shot and killed him, she possibly could have prevented a war.

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