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GRANT JACK, Gateshead ”Spending more money on childrens recreation. Stop problems with drugs in the area. So many kids have nothing to do and all they’re doing is taking drugs because there’s no skate board parks and BMX tracks.” AIMEE KELLY, Belmont ”More money going into Windale and Gateshead for the kids.

Pizza Planets: The Gas Giants6) Pizza Decorations (continued). We used a rolling pin to measure out Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. We rolled them out on pieces of parchment paper (that can go in the oven) or floured wax paper (that can’t go in the oven).

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The inquest, in Northallerton, heard that both men had extensive flying training and that Mr Sandhu, the pilot on the day of the crash, was trained inBut experts told the hearing that the procedure to recover from a spin in the Slingsby Firefly plane the men were flying was slightly different to that in other aircraft.On the day of the crash, on April 30, one eyewitness said she saw the plane”spiralling downwards in a corkscrew movement” as she drove near Castle Howard.Another witness said he watched the plane perform several dives and heard the engine making a “spluttering” noise before the crash.But Robert Vicory, an inspector with the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), said he found no structural or mechanical failures or malfunctions with the aircraft, which he described as being in a good condition.Post mortem examinations found that Mr Sandhu, from Essex, died instantly from blunt head injuries and Mr Forster, from West Sussex, died from torso injuries.Recording a verdict of accidental death, Mr Oakley said: “It clear, from theevidence, that both had quite extensive flying training already in the AirForce. In particular, Mr Sandhu had a private pilot licence and he also had spin training.”He continued: “On this occasion, he and Mr Forster took the plane from theairfield and started to perform aerobatic manoeuvres that were witnessed bypeople on the ground.”It was during an aerobatic manoeuvre that the plane clearly started spinning. It clearly came out of the spin but not before there was not enough air or height for it to get out of the manoeuvre that was being conducted and impacted with considerable force into the ground.”The inquest heard that both pilots were found with the controls in their hands.Mr Oakley said: “Obviously they were endeavouring clearly to get the aircraft under control but did not have enough height to do so.”The coroner described the crash as “pilot error” but added: “We do know this particular aircraft has a propensity sometimes to those who are not familiar to have perhaps more difficulty getting out of a spin.”The other point that has been made is with difficulties getting out of a spin at a certain height, there may be a way out for people flying the aircraft bywearing a parachute.”This plane was not carrying a parachute.

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