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Twice the income needed: The run up in home prices has been so extreme that there are two dozen neighborhoods across the region where the median market rate mortgage is double or more what it was seven years ago. In Redwood City, for example, a buyer in 2012 could afford the median mortgage in a flatlands neighborhood west of El Camino Real on an income of just $89,600. By last year, they would have needed $200,400..

Did excellent, Washington said. Really did. He surprised me, for not being out on the baseball field for a while. Power forward Kurt Thomas, who has done a terrific job overall, has missed 10 of 15 free throws while Marcus Camby has only made half of his 12. Patrick Ewing has bricked 11 of 30 from the line. Charlie Ward has been the Knicks best, clicking on eight of nine.

Water that used to run across the terrain in a southerly direction in your particular locale has been interrupted by the mountain. You see that the river that existed now runs around the mountain on the west side. It intersects the old riverbed at a junction about 5 miles from the mountain.

The INFJ does well to understand their personality because it is one of the more complex ones. The NF branch of personalities are for the most part. Rare. The US was trying to keep up with the USSR. I’m sure you’ve seen The Men Who Stare At Goats. That was based on the same program.

Electromagnetic radiation is energy generated by charged particle emissions. These emissions possess wave like characteristics as they travel through space (and air), and physicists can classify them according to the length of the energy waves they generate waves which may vary from less than one millionth of a metre in length to more than one hundred metres in length. Indeed physicists can group together bands of energies of similar wavelengths as these have quite similar characteristics.

She wasn just a badass fighter. She was clever and everyone underestimated her to her advantage.This, plus other changes make me feel like they strayed way too far to keep calling this “Mulan.” And it doesn feel like a Disney trailer. I pretty meh about it, despite the film looking gorgeous.Yeah, I really feel for OP, but this is avoidable.

When we idealize people, admire them, or see them as heroes or saints, we tend to create an image of them that leaves Out what Paul might call their “less honorable parts.” It is broadly true across cultures that some degree of shaming is used in the process of socializing children regarding what they can and can’t do or say or show in public. The fallout from this is that a certain taint of shamefulness attaches itself to normal, healthy human activities like peeing. When I was a child I once found myself wondering whether Jesus went to the bathroom.

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