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Whatever regrets we may carry along, whomever we must go on without, we can be assured to do it all. Not with struggles but with gratitude for having experienced that which life presented us. We can usually be wise enough to listen and respond with some tender loving care and kindness.

THERE are Raith Rovers supporters of a certain age who insist that, while Willie McNaught was undoubtedly a fine footballer, deserving of more Scotland caps than the meagre five he collected, their favourite Rovers player was Andy Young. Versatile, consistent, enduring and a match winner, he was the complete footballer in all but pace. It is no accident that the club’s golden years coincided with Young’s 16 years at Stark’s Park..

Honor graduates are Sara Baggett, James Bowen, Katherine Cousins, Austin Doss, Mallory Durham, Ellen Edmonson, Ashley Glaze, Eric Hand, Kaci Larsen, Chad Lynch, Rachel James and Robert Oakley. Class officers are Katherine Cousins, president; Hannah Smith, vice president; Ellen Edmonson, secretary; and Lacey Forrest and Keinesha Craig, treasurers. CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION.

Went on a buying spree, he said. Made it easy is the economy has been so bad for many of these plantation houses. I was able to go in and buy a lot from the houses in Natchez. Newsom wants to spend roughly $800 million to expand a tax credit program for low income people with children under the age of 6. The program is known as the earned income tax credit, but Newsom prefers to call it a refund. Plan would increase the credit to $1,000 a year and allow more people to access it.

Fundraising Down a Level: The Democratic House and Senate campaign committees outpaced their GOP counterparts in the first quarter of the 2010 midterm election cycle. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised $10.4 million to the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s $9.6 million while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee brought in $17.2 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s $8.9 million haul. (Worth noting: The DCCC held a much smaller $3.35 million to $3.2 million lead over the NRCC in the cash on hand race.).

Ecco World Class GTX is in the top 10 golf shoes when it comes to gripping power. They are handcrafted and provide golfers the comfort that is needed to complete a round of golf. The World Class GTX is made out of leather, and is also waterproof. Ideal for medium to large faces. O Matter frame. Material is lightweight and durable.

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