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Last night, Edgeworth put an understrength Charlestown to the sword in a 7 0 drubbing at Jack McLaughlan Oval. Spaniard Hector Mendez and Bren Hammel scored twice against a Blues side missing seven players. On Saturday, Broadmeadow will bring Jon Griffiths in for an injured Matt Hoole (shoulder) when they play Jets Youth at Magic Park.

But that all we know for sure. Some in the industry think the move to an established company, which will allow him to get started straight away, shows that he intends to carry on as before, investing in high yielding large caps, such as the drugs makers and tobacco firms. Others say he quit to pursue his interest in early stage micro caps, such as biotech stocks.

So you want to wear a digital watch, but you are looking for something a bit less sporty and a whole lot trendier. In that case you need to wear the DKNY Digital NY1367 watch. It is made out of stainless steal so it looks good to the eye and can be worn in dressier atmospheres and it allows the simplicity of a digital watch with the cool and simple digital time face.

NTFL SENIORS LATROBE V EAST DEVONPORT at Latrobe, 2pm; LATROBE: B N Freeman C Ritchie B Blacklow, HB K Wells R Gurr O Beston, C A Bissett N Von Schill A Baldock, HF N Jarvis C Sculthorpe Z Weeks, F S Shepherd A Jeffrey N Hizartidis, FOLL J Smith J Holland C Mann , INTER J Dodd D Hardy S McCrossen, EMERG: E Carter T Armstrong M Horne T Dell, IN N Freeman B Blacklow S Shepherd N Hizartidis S McCrossen, OUT: G Woodcock R Coghlan T Weeks L Redpath M Flint. EAST DEVONPORT: B: D Freshney, M Bloomfield, S Ackerley, HB: J Freshney, G McLachlan, J Triffett, C: C Poole, B French, B Sheahen, HF: J McDermott, M Stephenson, D Murfet, F: K Davis, N Gore, A Hewitt, FOLL: N Gregson, S Borlini, C Walker, INTER: L Harvey, R Harris, A Partridge, EMERG: L Fraser, J Smith., IN: B Sheahen, D Freshney, A Partridge, N Gregson, OUT: B Mullett, S Greaves, L Fraser. WYNYARD V PENGUIN ay Wynyard, 2pm: WYNYARD: B: J.

Related Links Kahn: It’s time to cancel season Audio: Mourning says owners won’t meet players halfway NBA lockout coverage: NBA Lockout Central Fan feedback Forum: Is the season doomed? No one here is poor. The “poorest ” earned about a quarter of a million dollars last year. And those guys didn’t even have to sweat much, since that’s the salary for the end of the bench players who run fast wind sprints in practice.

On Tuesday, members of the Sak Theatre Comedy Lab will lend their offbeat talents to this month’s installment of FunnyEola, the free stand up showcase at downtown Orlando’s Lake Eola Park. Also on the bill: Former Central Floridian Mike Lukas, touring comic Dave Kinne, Chris and His Amazing Wonder Chimp. Next Friday and Aug.

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