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the bumbler bandit they ignored

Federal prosecutors contend that Gregor, 54, used museum money to remodel her kitchen. But Giaimo said Gregor, an accountant, paid for that work with her own money, hurting herself financially in the process. He said she withdrew money from a retirement account prematurely because she had spent what she embezzled on others.

As he considers whether to challenge Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic nomination, Vice President Joe Biden is offering a new version of the night President Obama sent in a Navy SEAL team that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. “We sat in the cabinet room, and at the end of the day, making the decision, he said I want everyone’s opinion. And everyone went around the room, and there were only two people who were definitive, and were absolutely certain: [then CIA director] Leon Panetta said go, and [then Defense Secretary] Bob Gates, who’s already publicly said this, said ‘don’t go,’ and others were 51 49, ” Biden said at a forum about the vice presidency in Washington Monday.

A number of contributors highlight the rise of hyperlocals across the country. Could the industry be on the cusp of a revival? Former Guardian editor Peter Preston focuses on the role newspapers still hold within local communities; David Baines deconstructs the industry’s narrative of victimisation while New York University academic Jay Rosen provides a US perspective, arguing for a ‘100 per cent solution for innovation in the news’. In addition, this edition of What Do We Mean By Local? incorporates many new and many updated chapters: They include: Matthew Engel painting a colourful picture of his life and times in the industry ‘D Notice’ Secretary Andrew Vallance on the highs and lows of editing a parish magazine David Banks, former tabloid editor, on the pleasures of editing a free e paper with 500 subscribers Other contributors are: Andrew Adamson, Marc Astley, Simon Bucks, Ian Carter, Jim Chisholm, Barnie Choudhury, Tor Clark,, Richard Coulter, Andrew David, Tim Dickens, Tom Felle, Neil Fowler, Alan Geere, Agnes Gulyas, Lee Hall, Ross Hawkes, David Hayward, David Jackman, Nick Jones, Thomas Joseph, Stuart Littleford, Anthony Longden, Tim Luckhurst, James Marley, John Meehan, Chris Oakley CBE, Damian Radcliffe, Mike Rawlins, Paul Robertson, Max Sydney Smith, Bob Satchwell, Richard Tait CBE, Sir Ray Tindle and Mark Woodward “Totally fascinating for anyone committed to, or interested in, the importance of regional reporting and accountability” Michael Wilson, Managing Director of UTV Television.

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