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Yes, management is a skill, which means it can be learned. So the plumber who wants to open a plumbing company should spend more time learning how to run a business than fix a leak. A fitness coach intent on going out on their own should spend more time learning how to market themselves and organize their paperwork than the latest training technique.

From the humble beginnings of the Century and 69 Theatre Companies, Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre opened in 1976. Designer Richard Negri’s innovative plans inspired by the interior of a beehive took shape in the city’s old Cotton Exchange building, a magnificent building in itself, symbolic of Manchester’s strength as the power house of the industrial revolution. A seven sided, glass walled module, literally suspended from huge marble pillars in the Great Hall, its pioneering design broke free of the confinements of the proscenium arch.

“I learned to survive, nothing out of the ordinary, we did what we had to do,” the Dogman says. “You can’t dwell on that. There are always people who had it worse than I did. Guard Will Barton tries to initiates eye contact early in the possession. Come back for a dribble handoff and he might do this, Barton demonstrates, shaking his head imperceptibly. Means, now, and I get it to you.

You can make your own stewed tomatoes or just plain tomato sauce. By adding your choice of spices you can make your own pasta sauce. Wash tomatoes well and drain. There are many design delights in the newly opened Little Mountain Workshop (4386 Main) but what drew our gaze was the Lifetime Collective x Lindsey Hampton ceramic collaboration. These stackable mugs will make the rest of the cupboard klatch feel downright dowdy, so we encourage display out of doors. Mugs $28; planter $95..

The fans didn’t need a road map to assign blame for last night and the last four years for that matter. They directed their anger at the Knicks president and head coach, who will be in Detroit tonight to face the Pistons, the team he led to back to back titles. That must seem like a lifetime ago for the Hall of Fame point guard..

Now for the next couple of weeks I was healing but there really wasn much use for me because we had a Pally and Disc priest and at the time their healing was mostly based on absorbs. So they would put absorbs on everyone and I never have to heal. Anyways, they told me to go dps to kill stuff quicker, and I pull subpar dps no matter what class or spec I in.

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