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the principal and the pauper

It’s an idea but I believe there’s something more at play here. Namely, the military industrial complex and the intelligence community are bored with Afghanistan and Iraq and profits from those two wars aren’t what they were a decade ago. Too many people depend on the gravy train that wars provide officers need it for good evaluations and a guaranteed place at the trough after they retire, the government needs a jobs program for vets and boomers who refuse to retire, contractors need it to keep the party going, and of course, neocon intellectuals are desperate to revive PNAC and are hellbent on seeing it through..

Worshipped since the dawn of civilisation, the sun symbolises life itself. Its energy is synonymous with rejuvenation, good health, beauty, and sport. The sun, however, is not without its dangers with its intense rays. If you don’t already have one of these, they are well worth the investment. And they do a far better job than a regular pot, because without the spout, you’ll be hard pressed to safely pour scalding coffee without it spilling all over the place (anywhere but in your cup!) and you’ll need a metal soup ladle to get the liquid out. Without the holed lid, you will end up with more coffee grounds in the bottom of your cup..

A method was developed to perform automated profile synthesis. It was shown that combinations of higher variable joints can be used to create kinematically equivalent variable joints that are geometrically different.The results were used to create two new reconfigurable mechanisms that utilize the synthesized variable joints. The first reconfigurable mechanism is a four bar mechanism that performs a rigid body guidance task not possible using conventional four bar theory.

For each protocol, the performance of two tasks (detection of signals with unknown locations) was compared over a range of breast dose levels using a task based, signal detectability metric: the estimator of the area under the exponential free response relative operating characteristic curve, AFE. For large diameter/medium contrast signals, when maintaining equivalent AFE, the 80 kV partial, 80 kV, 120 kV partial, and 120 kV tube current modulated protocols reduced breast dose by 85%, 81%, 18%, and 6%, respectively, while the shielded protocol increased breast dose by 68%. Results for the small diameter/high contrast signal followed similar trends, but with smaller magnitude of the percent changes in dose.

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