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Also included in table 1 are generic guides for determining causal inference in epidemiological research, which encompass criteria that can be applied to appraise causal relations in evaluation research.Levels of evidence and public health interventionsThe assessment of causality for public health interventions has also mostly depended upon the level of evidence.27 29 However, there is persisting controversy about the reliance on the study design as the main criterion of the credibility of evidence. The debate concentrates on the primacy of the RCT for evaluating public health interventions, with respect to (a) the difficulty of conducting RCTs for complex programmatic interventions, (b) the difficulty of interpreting their results, and (c) the tendency to downgrade the contribution of observational studies.(a) RCTs and complex interventionsMany public health interventions require multiple, flexible and community driven strategies.30 32 RCTs have been described as unable to accommodate the complexity and flexibility that characterises such programmes. They are perceived as being feasible only for evaluating relatively simple, standardised and unvarying interventions and thus as being too rigid and inappropriate for public health settings.33,34Such criticisms of the RCT are based on a consideration of “classic” RCTs in which the intervention is standardised and the individual is the unit of randomisation.

Dalevi, D. Daligault, H. Dalle, K. Hospital trust chief executives say a dramatic increase in the number of consultants declining extra work in recent weeks has had an impact on patient care. The clinical director of a second trust, a senior A consultant who routinely worked most Sundays last year, was no longer working any weekends.UK firms cut investment plans as Brexit alarm hits new high surveyBritish companies are more worried about Brexit than at any time since the 2016 referendum decision to leave the European Union and they plan to reduce investment and hiring, a survey of chief financial officers showed on Monday. The survey conducted by Deloitte, a financial advisory firm, found that 83% of the CFOs believed that leaving the EU would hurt Britain long term business environment.

Gloves and Mittens Warming giftsNo matter the season, anyone who might be sleeping outdoors or in a car at some point would welcome a pair of gloves or mittens to help them stay warm. Stretchy, one size fits most gloves are a good choice because they will fit a variety of sizes, continue to fit with growth, and, due to stretchiness, can be layered over another pair of gloves if necessary. Warm fuzzy mittens can be put over gloves on the coldest days to keep little hands warm, too.

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