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What do you do? Do you freeze to the spot, hit the ground, or respond like professor Mark Moogalian, the 51 year old American born professor who was the first to tackle Moroccan gunman Ayoub El Khazzani on the Amsterdam Paris train on Saturday and was shot in the neck when he wrestled the Kalashnikov assault rifle from the gunman. His sister, Julia, said the American Sorbonne teacher was travelling with his wife and instinctively sought to protect her. She added that he was extremely good shape he cycles miles and runs so we think that stood him well for this.

Follow CNNStory highlights1st Lt. Brandon Harker left last year for Afghanistan, leaving his dog with a “good friend”The dog was gone when he returned; he doesn’t know if it was sold or given awayHarker uses Craigslist to ask for help: “I’d just like him back, safe and sound”The yellow lab, Oakley, loves to play and snuggle with whomever, wheneverA purebred yellow Labrador retriever, Oakley likes to run, swim and get into most everything “whether it’s trouble or not,” his owner 1st Lt. Brandon Harker affectionately says.And as much as anything, Oakley enjoys cuddling wherever, with whomever.

That a jacket can prevail a perfect outerwear in order to the buy time. But if she see fit something more beauteous, yourselves is possible to determine on behalf of a long account sulky coat. Aspire brown algae coats for women are being regarded as an elegant, because a outrance fit the elegant trousers and woman suits of all kinds.

Built the bar at a restaurant that was owned by a King staff member, she said. We went to Elaine for dessert. The world famous Manhattan eatery is located directly across the street from Rathbone a restaurant her family has owned since the 1970s. Hatch, Jenna K. Helsel, Jacob D. Hileman, Keagan J.

Don’t spend extra for wireless if you are using a wired connection. You can future proof your PC by getting USB 3.1 Gen 2 and / or Thunderbolt 3 support.1. Gigabyte Z390 DesignareBest ATX Z390 MotherboardRating: 4 / 5 (Editor’s Choice)Pros: Full Spec Thunderbolt 3 ports Supports 8K passthrough from DisplayPort 1.4 graphics cards Two Gigabit Ethernet ports plus 1.73Gb/s Wi Fi Third x16 slot switchable between PCH and CPU lanes Great price for the added featuresCons: Mediocre CPU OverclockingThe Z390 Designare beats its closest rival on features for the price, has similaroverclockinglimits to its closest rival but beats it in overclocked DRAM performance, and has at least enough extra value to justify its premium over cheaper boards.

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